Stress is something that everybody deals with whether the situation is good or bad. Studying throughout the term, work and other household obligations makes for one very stressed person. How we deal with that stress is important. The fun way to deal with stress is to color. There are numerous ways to get your hands on these coloring pages, some can cost a few dollars while others only a few cents.

In the crisis center previously used as the Riverhawk Bistro at the student center students can walk in and sit down at one of tables to color, or even talk to the councilor that is there. The crisis center is usually open at 8 a.m. ’til 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

However, there are several places that sell coloring books either online or at places around Roseburg such as Wal-Mart and Michaels. Their prices range from $5 to $30. If going to the crisis center or buying a coloring book is an option that you are unable to do, free printable coloring pages can be found online.