Within these pages, The Mainstream staff presents a chronological history of the events in the area commemorating the first year after the Oct.1 tragedy.

The community of Umpqua Community College and Roseburg was rocked to its core on Oct.1, 2015. Our small, peaceful campus was shattered by senseless violence. Nine lives were cut short and countless others were victimized. Immediately, the world reached out to our community in ways many would never have imagined. The term “UCCStrong” became a rally cry heard around the globe. Strength and courage was found in ways we hadn’t considered before.

In the months following, we began to heal, to help each other and seek help if needed. We moved forward, attempting to put our world back together in a new “normal” after experiencing such a widespread tragedy. We saw life through eyes that recognize pain and hope all in the same day.

Time marched on. The week of Oct.1 2016 rolled around. In the midst of navigating a new fall term, students, staff and faculty joined the community in remembering those lives lost and those changed. Tears were shed, hugs given and a sense of what true community means was once again apparent.

It is not just the events themselves that deserve attention. The people tell the real stories. Students gathered at the Compass, families ran side by side at Umpqua Strong, strangers and friends alike fished and found comfort in a common theme. They proved that our community is not broken, that we continue to heal and hope. We are UCC.

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The campus gathered at the Compass for a moment of silence to remember the victims and survivors of UCC’s Oct. 1, 2015 shooting.
Provided by Casey Conemac / Mainstream