Wearing a square on your head can be a bit weird, but with that square comes graduation, and this celebration is far from displeasing. As this attire distinguishes your accomplishments on graduation day, a little DIY decorating can distinguish your likes and individuality.

The internet warehouses a lot of ideas for DIY cap decorating and tutorials. Further, Google will give you over 6 million results if you’re having a bit of a brain fart after finals.

These results can range from intricate to simple, and if you are more on the simple side, don’t have time or the budget to decorate a cap that could be considered a work of art, here is a simple idea you might find inspiration from.



â—¦Glitter blast spray paint

â—¦Fine paint brush

â—¦Liquid stitch adhesive


â—¦Acrylic paint


â—¦Gems (optional)



  1. Using the glitter blast spray paint, follow the instructions on the can and spray an even layer onto the cap. Let dry for at least 30 minutes before moving onto step 2.
  2. Write a slogan of your choice onto the cap using the fine paint brush and acrylic paint. Let sit until dry.
  3. Cut approximately 7 to 10 inches of ribbon from the spool. Hold the material in the middle and fold one side under the other side making a simple ribbon. Once the ribbon is even looking, use the liquid stitch to adhere the sides of the ribbon to hold their place. Make sure to follow the instructions on the liquid stich adhesive bottle when using this product. Cut the ends of the ribbon in a diagonal direction to clean up the edges. Finally run the lighter along the edges of the diagonal cuts made last to prevent any fraying, and glue the ribbon to the cap using the liquid stitch adhesive.