A video game trailer, face painting, food samples, and informational booths of the clubs and activities on campus brought student and community involvement to ASUCC’s Creatively Celebrating U event.

“The Celebrating U event is a multicultural event celebrating everyone in UCC,” Patricia Sipe, ASUCC activities officer said.

The event was located outside in the campus compass. As part of the celebration, students could step into a booth about Malaysia to learn how Malaysia came to have the largest population of Indians outside of India from a UCC student born there. They could then stroll up to visit Andre Jacob, a professor at the Woolley Center, to taste greens and cornbread and chicken prepared by one of his students. A little farther up the walkway, swords and embroidery work emerged under a well crafted tent from a visiting renaissance group.

Past the compass, just south of the amphitheater, students wishing to transfer after after UCC could gain information from Les Rodgers and the TOP program. Across the way, a variety of food samples from diverse locations were offered, including chicken enchiladas, tofu pad thai, brisket sliders and hagelslag.

Student clubs such as QSA, the Student Veterans Club, the Healthy Minds club, and many others invited students to become more involved on campus with good conversation, fun stickers, informational pamphlets and raffles.

A mobile video game trailer arrived onto campus bursting with bright colors, multiple gaming setups and comfortable couches for those looking to kick back and relax. The trailer offered interactive gaming opportunities for friends to race, dance or play video game football together.

“This event is inclusive, and gives opportunities for all kinds of students to come together, have fun and feel celebrated,” Isabel Jacobson, music major said.

The Umpqua Singers performed throughout the event at the Swanson Amphitheater, drawing a crowd of both students and faculty.

The ASUCC officers seemed to have a blast throwing whip-cream pies at each other as an event for the Healthy Minds club.

This outdoor celebration served as an end of the year event while showcasing diversity throughout the campus.