Enrollment numbers are very important for the health UCC’s budget. “The more students we have the more revenue the college generates to support expenses and operations,” said Natalya Brown, director of accounting and finance.

Aside from the athletic department adding new sports teams to bring in additional students, the enrollment services department is also doing their part to try and make enrolling into UCC as easy as possible.

Missy Olson, director of college transitions and enrollment management, is attempting strategic enrollment planning (SEP). As she explained in a presentation to UCC’s Board of Education she said, “SEP refers to a complex and organized effort to connect mission, current state, and the changing environment to long-term enrollment and fiscal health, resulting in a concrete, written plan of action.”

Action on that plan has already been taken by the enrollment services department. “e got a lot of feedback from high schools on some of the processes (of enrolling) that were confusing, so we worked this year on fixing that,” said Olson, “Now we need to take that concept (making the transition to UCC easy for high school students) and determine how we can best help people who haven’t been in school for 15-20 years understand the processes.”

Olson stated that her department has also made applying online easier for college applicants not fresh out of high school. “Our admissions office, for example, has reduced some of the links in between the process of clicking the button on the website to actually doing the admissions application,” said Olson.

The enrollment service department has also been trying to promote scholarship workshops with the marketing department.
As well as scholarship workshops, “We’ve developed more events, the explore UCC event is coming up on March 15, kind of a follow up to the engineering, forestry, and computer science event that we did in February,” Olson said.

Readers can find Olson’s presentation by going to UCC’s website, clicking the resources and services tab, then find the board of education link. Go to the board meeting tab on the right. Find the January 17 meeting of 2018 and click the Strategic Enrollment Management link.