The reason Foo Fighters’ music works so well is because there aren’t any rules. It’s just a bunch of guys in a band who love playing music, having a good time and giving their fans the treat of experiencing rock and roll without any compromise.  They mix elements of punk, rock, blues and alternative to produce an electrifying sound that is heavily influenced by cheap trick, red hot chili peppers, and screaming trees to name a few.

In the song “The Best of You,” Grohl projects his emotional attachment he has for his wife through screaming “The Best of You.” That raw emotion evokes a memory reminding us that we find the best out of people through our flaws. Another example of his lyrical vibrancy is in the song “Everlong” where he paints a picture that is all too familiar to anybody who wants to live in the moment. Grohl had a long time to develop these songs; only time will tell how well they will age.

Grohl’s philosophy is to make great songs, develop a relationship with the song and just maybe out of sheer luck someone might notice it.

Dave Grohl as a person is seriously underrated for who he is as a musician. He is the driving force behind keeping the rock and roll dream alive, plus he has credibility due in part to his rhythm guitarist Pat Smear being from “The Germs.”

“The thing that will never go away is that connection you make with a band or a song where you’re moved by the fact that it’s real people making music. You make that human connection with a song like ‘Let It Be’ or ‘Long and Winding Road’ or a song like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ or ‘Roxanne,’ any of those songs. They sound like people making music,” Dave Grohl said.

Grohl’s music doesn’t have boundaries, and these songs stand up on their own for the fact that they make the human connection.

To understand the sound of the Foo Fighters,  the listener has to go back to the beginning.

Post Nirvana: Way before Dave Grohl embarked on his own musical resonance, Growl played for Nirvana. Grohl was born on January 10, 1969 in Ohio but moved to Virginia when he was the age of three. Grohl at the early age of 10 formed his first band then later dropped out of high school and joined “Scream.” This venture would lead to the audition of a lifetime to become the drummer of Nirvana. Grohl joined Nirvana September 25, 1990. Although Nirvana only went on to put out the three albums of Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero, this was Grohl’s opening.

Death of Kurt Cobain: After the death of Kurt Cobain, Grohl and company had to find their footing in the world again. Grohl had a new concept for a band that would bring him out of the wreckage that formed around the death of his bandmate: Kurt Cobain.

Foo Fighters: The first Foo Fighter album was made up of unused material that Grohl had left over from when he was in Nirvana. Grohl did almost everything on that record, covering duties like vocals, drums and guitar work. Only three singles managed to hit the modern rock charts: “This Is A Call” “I’ll Stick Around” and “Big Me

Those songs, though, led to the line-up for their first album: “The Colour and Shape.”  The band now consists of Dave Grohl as lead singer/guitarist, Pat Smear as rhythm guitarist, Nate Mendal as bassist, Taylor Hopkins on drums and Chris Shiftlett lead guitarist/ backing vocals. In total, the Foo Fighters have put out eight albums since their existence.  In 2000, the Foo Fighters took home a Grammy for the song “Learn to Fly,” taken off the album “The Colour and Shape.”

The band is always pushing the boundaries to make for a better sound; for the album “Wasted Light,” Grohl decided to record the whole album on tape in his garage. Their last album spawned a documentary series called “Sonic Highways,” which is an eight part piece that takes the audience on a journey through some of the greatest cities ever in the U.S. and explains why that city has impacted the music world.

Some of the greatest music comes out of the most unlikely of places, and artist and avid filmmaker Dave Grohl has shown the world that there is hope in rock. Grohl has been a part of so many inspiring projects, always finding ways to give back to the rock community. Through his documentaries, he has shown the world why we should still care about the art form that is music and how we can save these landmarks for a new generation. It may seem uncertain what the future holds for the Foo Fighters, but it’s safe to say they’re not going anywhere anytime soon, despite what the rumors say.