For a free game, Fortnite gives me the same rush after a win that I got after my old high school sports victories. The amount of adrenaline I get after a win makes my hands shake for the next two to three games. It is amazing.

Fortnite was created by Epic Games. The game has not officially been released, but it has been in very long open beta. One game mode known as Battle Royal is free to play on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC (personal computer).

Fortnite has two different game modes: PVE (player versus enemy) and PVP (player versus player).

PVE does require pay to play: $39.99. PVE players play against the computer. Players are able to play with other friends only  if they pay for that portion of the game.

However, PVP mode, called Battle Royal, is free, using an online platform with 100  players put into a lobby. Gamers can play three main game modes on Battle Royal: solo, duo or squad (three or four person teams).

The game starts with players loading into a pregame lobby with several interactive things to do while  the game loads: building a structure, breaking one down, or grabbing guns and other loot.

Do not worry too much about the loading lobby. The game loads relatively quickly.

Every player starts in the “Battle Bus” You will load into it at the start of every game. It is a bus in the sky. Players will skydive to desired locations.

Players can choose from a vast abundancy of different themed locations to go to, and every named location is an alliteration just to make it easy to remember names.

Locations in Fortnite include Anarchy Acres, Dusty Depot, Fatal Fields, Flush Factory, Greasy Grove, Haunted Hills, Junk Junction, Lonely Lodge, Loot Lake, Moisty Mire, Pleasant Park, Retail Row, Salty Springs, Snobby Shores, Tilted Towers, Tomato Town, and Wailing Woods.

The map has a great level of proportion for the amount of players; it’s the perfect size for the number of players, allowing users to avoid bulky extras like vehicles.

With all that said, I just realized that I didn’t tell readers how to actually play the game. Oops.


(Provided by Epic Games) Players can loot chests to find guns and other loot.

After players skydive to their desired location, they race to find a place that hasn’t been looted. After players find guns, grenades, shields and building resources, they really can do whatever they want: find enemies, find chests with loot, build a fortress or hang out and keep looting.

After the first five minutes of every game, a circle will appear around the map. That is the safe zone. This is where players need to go to. After three minutes, a “storm” starts to form around the map shrinking towards the safe zone.

If players are caught in the storm, their health will slowly disappear unless they get into the safe zone.

The safe zone will continue to shrink until there is a last player standing who is declared the winner

That is really all there is to it. Players can buy several different add-ons that are strictly cosmetic and do not make players better or worse.

Sometimes, Fortnite will add different game modes to Battle Royal such as 50v50, Sniper Shootout and Sneaky Silencers. 50v50 is a team game mode where the original 100 players are separated into two teams. Sniper Shootout is all snipers and revolvers in the game only, and Sneaky Silencers is the same except for silenced weapons.

Fortnite is rated T for teens for including violence by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).