The Speech 219 class was given an end of the term assignment administered by Adjunct Speech Communication faculty member Dustin Cosby, regarding a project to benefit students. Participants in the class created a multiple day event from March 6 to March 8 in the student center that had given several students a chance to relax, according to class member Pamela Bordenave.

The Express Yourself event was created to help students take their mind off of finals week by creating multiple types of art that represented each student’s own self. Activities such as coloring sheets, paintings and clay sculptures were presented during the event for others to admire.

Kaitlyn Osborne, a student part of the small communications class, admired the express yourself event as a way to “get brain juices flowing.” Many students can be stressed with the feeling of everything from each class being due at the same time.

The idea of everyone being artistic in their own way makes this event so special.“The Express Yourself event has been very successful,” Becky Attaway stated. Attaway also appreciated the artistic approach the class took when figuring out how to help students.

The parameters of this project used to be more broad with students finding ways to help the community but Cosby stated that “different groups address different needs” and he decided that this year would be “more focused for UCC”.

The Small Group Discussion class (Sp 219) is available to take in the spring term of 2017.