Dear Graduates:

As we close out this year and we see our graduates move on to the future, it is important to remind ourselves of the power we have in each of us. Some might say we find ourselves in concerning times. This author would say that we find ourselves in times of certain uncertainty. However, we have the power to change our future, our country and our world. Our graduates go forward into this world, and they are armed! –armed with knowledge, with a voice, with a degree and with the opportunity to declare, resoundingly, that Silence is the Enemy.

Often we have been silenced. Not all of us grew up in a place where our opinions were truly valued or accepted. Even now we have been told (as we rally to causes we believe in) that we should just hush, be quiet and enjoy what we have. This author has watched the world change, and that world is saying “No More!” to injustice. “No More!” to being silent. “No More!” to being unheard!

Never has our world and our society had an opportunity to be so proud of a generation. All the generations prior to this should be ecstatic that we have found our voice and we are using it to speak up and speak out. Whether it be in defense of liberty, defense of another or defense of ourselves we have spoken out and screamed at the world “Silence! Is! The! Enemy!” and no one can stop you.

So, as you move forward into this world armed with everything you have available, do not forget your voice. Hold tight to your beliefs, your morals and your values. Be flexible yet unstoppable. Listen, speak and be open to defending what you know to be right. There are and will always be those we disagree with. Still, be inclusive not exclusive, be young but not ignorant and most importantly be amazing and awed by the chances we have. Silence is the Enemy.


–Charlies Crosier,

The Mainstream