Looking for a good Valentines date idea? Horror movies may just be your best choice. Why? According to an article published by Megan Logan, psychologist Javid Sadr. has theorized that there is an actual science behind why horror movies are best for a movie date.

In Logan’s interview with Sadr, he explained how horror movies produce a measurable “arousal” response to horror movies. One major purpose of horror movies is to produce a response of fear, and Sadr says, “Any time you’re feeling any kind of emotion strongly … there will always be some measurable bodily response.” Sadr theorizes that the emotional response common to horror movies creates an emotional arousal and posits that “being with a potential object of sexual attraction allows that arousal to be diverted and relabeled.” He means that horror movies can actually increase sexual tension and arousal simply by watching it with someone. If both parties are looking for physical intimacy, this reason alone horror movies may be the best bet for Valentine’s Day and even a date in general.

Other than the emotional science related to horror movies, there are even more common reasons to choose a horror movie as your Valentine’s Day date. Mashable published an article in 2018 listing 13 reasons to watch a horror movie on a first date. Reasons on the list include “You won’t want to be alone after the movie’s over.” If these reasons help couples on their Valentine’s date, then it’s worth giving a horror movie a shot with your date this Valentine’s Day. Even if you or your date don’t like horror movies, watching a horror movie can give you a common experience to bond over and a memory to create with one another.