The Horror Galore & Much More column reviews movies of multiple genres including horror films. 

Madisyn Ashcroft

1.“Halloween” 2018
“Halloween” was great! This movie has done right by the franchise. I loved this movie for a couple of reasons. The way that the movie began, its credits almost the same as the 1978 film, made me smile as I reminisced to when I watched the film for the first time. I knew this movie wasn’t trying to be better than the original. This version felt like a strong tribute to the original directed by John Carpenter. I also liked the Easter eggs in the movie such as the head tilts. Michael loves observing his art work, don’t you Michael?
In one particular scene when Laurie Strode is thrown off the balcony of her home, Michael looks at her for a moment then takes his eyes off her before looking back at her only for her to disappear, like in the 1978 film when Dr. Samuel Loomis shoots him six times off the balcony. I remember when watching that scene in the theater, the whole audience laughed. There are tons of other Easter eggs to explore; however, I was not able to gather them all in just one screening of the film.
I can’t tell if Michael is more gruesome and filled with rage in this version than in the 1978 take. Sure, he’s been locked up in Smith Grove Sanitarium for 40 years and that would make anyone lose their marbles and go on a killing spree. Michael didn’t seem as angry, but of course things were different back then, maybe this kind of gore wasn’t even thought of yet or was sort of taboo. Nonetheless, this is a great film. I loved the Easter eggs, Jamie Lee Curtis, the scene that was taken in one shot that was absolutely beautiful, the gore and ,of course, Michael Meyers.

2. “Halloween” 1978
Who can’t love an original? It’s what started it all. If I could pick two number one’s, “Halloween” 1978 and “Halloween” 2018 would be right there next to each other. I believe these go hand and hand, a package deal if you will. I loved “Halloween” 2018 because of the story in 1978. This was the beginning of my three beloved characters: Laurie Strode, Michael Meyers and Sam Loomis.

3. “Halloween” 2007
“Halloween” was rebooted in 2007 by Director Rob Zombie. The film was meant to show more of a back story to the shape known as Michael Meyers. The movie has some great Rob Zombie dialogue (anyone who has seen a Rob Zombie film would know exactly what I mean) as well as a great character with his trophy wife who gets a role in all of his films. (We get it Zombie, your wife is hot!) Almost all of the film is Michael’s past and the other half is about him going on a killer rampage to find his sister. Yes, in the 2007 film Laurie Strode is his sister, unlike the 1978 film.
I like this film, but I certainly don’t love it. I love that Michael is a tower of a man and even more intimidating. I don’t like that Zombie decided to make a Director’s Cut. This version also has a particular scene that I’m not too fond of. The kills are great, the mask is also great, when Michael comes home and grabs the mask from the floor boards and it’s old and gross and has a sort of decay look to the mask.

4. “Halloween 4”
“Halloween 4” is the beginning of when the franchise went downhill. The reason for this is that Laurie Strode is now dead and the protagonist is her daughter Jamie Lloyd who is living with foster parents. Michael then goes after his niece since his sister (in this universe) is dead. I don’t mind this film. What I mind is that every film after this is almost unbearable because of the mistakes in the franchise from this point on. Another reason I don’t really enjoy this film is because at the end Jamie wears the same clown costume as Michael did when he killed his sister. She appears at the top of the stairs with bloody scissors. I didn’t like this because it made me think that the serial killer gene is now in Jamie. The fact that Michael’s mask changes to an albino mask for some reason is just poor film making.

5.“Halloween 5”
This movie is nothing to brag about. The movie leaves too many loose ends from how Jamie somehow can’t talk because of a traumatic incident to the way that Jamie suddenly cares about her sister’s friend that she has never seen before, or what about that fact that there is a weird man that just hangs around. He’s a film filler for sure since he has no connection to the plot. This film is horrendous.

6.“Halloween 2” 2009
I rarely watch this film, and I think I’ve only seen it once or twice. I wasn’t impressed. I liked the first one more since most people probably wanted an inside look into Michael’s life. I think at this point I thought “Who really cares?” If you’re looking for blood and gore, then this film is for you. If you’re looking for a good plot, then maybe the 1978 film is for you.

7.“Halloween – H2O”
From here the films don’t just go downhill, they fall, tumble, and hit a few bumps as they plunge downhill. Laurie Strode is back as if she didn’t just die in a car crash in “Halloween 4.” Laurie also has a son instead of a daughter. It’s things like this that make a poor franchise. A number of people just decide to make a new movie ignoring any of the past plots and characters. It’s really quite annoying. The only good things in this film are Josh Hartnett’s character and LL Cool J’s character.

8.“Halloween – Resurrection”
I don’t even know why this movie exists. Laurie Strode is killed off AGAIN. The storyline is terrible. I think the director thought the only thing that would make this movie good was casting Busta Rymes. The characters in this movie are not even worth caring about which is another reason that this movie is not good. The only thing that keeps the movies going is the fact that Michael’s kills still have some pizazz. Good job Mikey.

9.“Halloween 3 – Season of the Witch”
I have been dreading the moment when I would have to rank this movie. I cannot stand this film. It’s ridiculous for a couple reasons. The first being that it’s not even about Michael Meyers. The series wasn’t even supposed to continue with Michael Meyers. It was supposed to be an anthology like in the third movie. This film also has a romance between a 40-year-old man who is also married and a female who is about 20 or so.

The run down of the film is that a mad man creates masks that when activated will rot the head of anyone who watches the commercial of the masks. Pretty silly if you ask me.

10.“Halloween – The Curse of Michael Meyers
Yes, I hate “Halloween 3,” but I absolutely cannot stand to watch this film. Casting Paul Rudd…Why would anyone do this for a horror film? He plays Tommy Doyle from “Halloween.” I also dislike that the director decided to kill Jamie Lloyd and the daughter of Laurie Strode, Kara Strode. I hate this film. I don’t normally hate a film. This one is an exception though. This film is ridiculous beyond belief, and I would erase it from the movie history if I could. •