My name is Madisyn Ashcraft, and I’m a huge movie buff and a horror geek. I’ve been watching movies ever since I was a kid but started to really acknowledge and appreciate films about three years ago. As for Horror, I watched my first R rated film at the age of five and ever since I’ve been hooked. Here at my column Horror Galore and Much More I will discuss my opinions about my favorite genre as well as exploring other genres. I will also investigate the opinions of others. There will be horror and much more.
Halloween isn’t just a holiday for me, it’s a way of life through the months of September through October. In those two months I need to keep myself busy, so I pick out my yearly Halloween horror movie list. My picks for this year’s favorite horror movies include the following:

“Halloween” Franchise

“Halloween” the franchise is always on my list of horror faves. These movies have been my favorite since I could remember. Whether or not I watch all of the films in the franchise I usually pick a few like the original with Jamie Lee Curtis, “Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Meyers” or “Halloween 2”. I chose Halloween and Halloween 2 because they are both great films. “Halloween” was supposed to stop at the second film when Meyers dies.

If it had left off with that I would be happy, but like any great franchise it was just making to much money for them to just kill him off. In some ways these movies, kind of suck in the sense that the movies are remade again and again, and Meyers always come back again and again.

I chose “Halloween 5” because I watched it all the time as a child and it’s always stuck with me. It’s always been a Halloween favorite.

Trick r’ Treat

“Trick ‘r Treat” is one of my favorite horror films because it’s an anthology. anthologies are one of my favorite types of sub genres. I love watching different stories come together that are completely different. In “Trick ‘r Treat” the viewer gets four interwoven stories full of sexy werewolves, a serial killer, a killer bus driver and a cute, little serial killer monster. This movie seems kind of dorky sometimes whether or not its on purpose is anyone’s guess. I would have liked to have seen some more background information of some of the characters.

“Friday the 13th” franchise

“Friday the 13th” never fails as a Halloween movie. Although Jason Vorhees isn’t my killer of choice, he still racks up those kills with a total of one hundred and forty-six kills in twelve films. As for the franchise I don’t normally watch them all since most of them make me laugh at the terrible makeup effects, don’t get me wrong Vorhees looks killer, its just when the mask comes off that makes smirk. I usually pick either “JasonX” which is actually funny if we’re talking about how dumb these movies are. “JasonX” takes place in space and it is dumb. I think the director finally realized how silly the movies have been in the past and has now embraced it. “JasonX” is an entertaining film since Vorhees has finally made it into space where the year is now 2455 and Vorhees get a slashing new makeover. My other fave is “Friday the 13th part 2” I enjoy this film because its essentially where it all began. Jason Vorhees is reborn since recently drowning at Camp Crystal Lake in 1957.

“Hocus Pocus”

“Hocus Pocus” isn’t truly a horror flick; however, it will always be on my list of go-to October movies. The Sanderson sisters are just what you need to get into the spooky Halloween mood.

“Nightmare on Elm Street”

It’s my main man in his red and green sweater. Freddy Kreuger, now we’re talking. “Nightmare on Elm Street” is a top favorite for me for a couple reasons. 1. Robert Englund and 2. because it’s Robert Englund. Krueger is my favorite slasher although, he’s not a winner in his kills with only thirty-five kills in his eight movies. He is a winner in my book. “Nightmare on Elm Street” changed the game by making people scared where they’re most vulnerable: in their sleep. I not only recommend this movie, but any…except for the 2010 remake. I have a very low tolerance when it comes to depicting my favorite slasher. Freddy Krueger was not the same and was heartbreaking seeing a beloved character be changed to look more scary. Sorry Freddy.

“Halloween” 2018

The 2018 Halloween edition is a new addition to my list. I have never seen this movie before, but it’s on my list this year, and I plan on watching it when it hits theaters Oct 19. Before watching the new 2018 film, be sure to watch the original 1978 version since the 2018 film takes place after the events of the 1978 film. The “Halloween” franchise also unfortunately isn’t a winner either since Michaels blade one takes ninety-four lives in ten films. I would like to say he has a fighting chance to get up there next to Vorhees with his new movie, but I doubt it.

“The Conjuring” franchise

These films never seem to fail on a decent scare, actually these films weren’t even going to make the cut “The Conjuring” universe movies have let me down since Annabelle: Creation. I picked the first film since I think it’s scarier than some of the others in the series I also might pick “The Conjuring 2” and Annabelle.

“Night of The Living Dead”

Thank you, George Romero for making this film. Romero changed the game by introducing the zombie to the silver screen. Romero has been my favorite director for a couple years now and that’s exactly why he makes my Halloween horror movie list. It’s perfect for viewers who are looking for good Halloween nostalgia. Remakes of his films are okay like the 2004 remake of Dawn of The Dead.


All of the “Insidious” films are scary; however, none of them come even close to being as terrifying as the original. I saw this movie when it first came out in 2010 and ever since it always scares me from the disturbing imagery of the red and black faced demon to the eerie music score. This film is sure to scare. When I say that “Insidious” in terrifying I mean it, when I say the rest are scary I mean just that. That’s why I don’t recommend the other films. I want a film that is going to terrify me, send me to therapy. That’s the movie I want to go see.

Some honorable mentions include: The “Saw” Franchise, “Rosemary’s “Baby”, “The Shinning”, “Dawn of The Dead” (2004), and “poltergeist”, “Train to Busan”, and “House on Haunted Hill”

Stay tuned for the next edition when I rank the Halloween franchise from worst to best for your reading pleasure.