Before we open presents, can we appreciate the turkey mom spent half a day on?

The holidays are coming up and many are very excited about holiday festivities such as hanging up stockings, Christmas shopping and New Year resolutions.

With all of this excitement in the air, some are forgetting that it is still November.

Isn’t there some sort of event that happens in November? Oh yes, Black Friday? No! There is still a pretty big moment missing: Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that entails a rather large feast with family and friends. Some people also engage with listing what they are thankful for.

The problem is that many companies start advertising for Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) shopping deals, thus almost making Thanksgiving seem unimportant.

Some stores are even opening their doors for sales on Thanksgiving.

The popular company Amazon started some of their holiday deals on Nov 17. Several Amazon products such as the Echo, Kindle, and Fire Stick will be on sale as well as Samsung and Sony brand televisions.

This sale is set to start a week before Thanksgiving. Before people even go to the grocery store, they are shown deals on enticing products, with severe discounts.

Why is that? Is Thanksgiving not supposed to be a day with family feasting, rather than a day shopping and getting ready for the next holiday?

What do you readers think? Should it be a time for family, a time for shopping, catching up on studies, traveling or all of the above? Please feel free to answer.