Don’t have enough organization in your backpack or purse for all of those little gadgets? A snap bag might be what you need. This bag can be made in any size and shape. This tutorial explains how to make your own 6” X 8.5” snap bag. For a larger bag, just increase by adding inches to the side of the bag that you want to make larger.

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Supplies: See Photo

Fabric tape measure

Metal measuring tape (to cut up)

Duct tape, masking tape or electrical tape

Thread to match

Straight pins


Sewing machine

Iron and ironing board

Pen or Pencil

2 pieces of any coordinating solid color or patterned decorative fabric, fat quarters (19”X 21”)

2 inch strip of .5 inch single fold bias tape to match (optional)

Carbineer or clip (optional)

Fabric Selection Tips:

You will need two pieces of fabric that are equal in size. Non-stretch fabric is preferred.


  1. Take the first piece of fabric and fold in half horizontally. Measure and mark this fabric to the desired width and height of the bag you want, and add a ¾ inch seam allowance. When finished marking the fabric, cut, being careful to not cut on the fold. See Photo
  2. Repeat for the second piece of fabric.
  3. Cut the metal measuring tape in 2 pieces of equal length ¾ of an inch shorter than the desired opening of the bag. Round the ends. Tape the ends to prevent the measuring tape from later piercing the fabric. Set aside. See Photo


  1. Unfold each piece of fabric then pin the two pieces of fabric right sides together on both short edges so that one piece of fabric is behind/on top of the other. See photo.
  2. Sew along each short edge that you have pinned so that you’re creating a tube. Remove pins.
  3. To open up the tube; keep the right-sides of the fabric together roll the fabric tube until the short edge seams lineup. Pin along one of the long edges. Sew. Remove pins. See photo
  4. Pin and sew along the other long edge, leaving a 1” opening in the middle where the two short side seams meet to turn the bag right-side out. Remove pins.
  5. Turn the bag right-side out. Iron. See Photo
  6. Once the bag has been ironed sew as close to the edge as possible, do not sew the hole that was made to turn the bag right-side out closed (will be used to insert measuring tape) or the edges that are folded. See Photo
  7. Put one half of the bag inside the other. See Photo
  8. Insert the measuring tape pieces into the bag. Pin along the measuring tape pieces on both sides of the opening of the bag. Gently remove the measuring tape pieces. Carefully sew along the pins. Remove pins.
  9. Reinsert measuring tape pieces into the sewn channels of the bag with the numbers facing out. See Photo
  10. Sew the opening closed that was used to insert the measuring tape pieces.


  1. To attach a carbineer or another type of clip; before sewing closed the opening fold a 2 “ X 0.5” in half and pin to the inside of the opening and sew closed. To ensure a strong seam backstitch a couple times. See Photo