Finding time to get scholarships, volunteering, or working can be hard during the school year, but winter break is right around the corner. Taking advantage of the break is a way to get important things done that might seem impossible during school.


Work on scholarships

Some scholarships require a lot of time. Time to volunteer or to write an essay. Doing this during school hours can be hard, and almost any advisor will tell students to do this during the break. Grades are so much more important than applying for scholarships. Especially those that require a ton of time.

OSAC requires looking through 60 pages of scholarships as well as applying and possibly writing an essay. OSAC is currently open and closes in February. Some scholarships can be found on the UCC website, and also try looking on transfer universities’ sites for scholarships, too.


Apply for a transfer university

Most universities should be open for admission, so those who haven’t applied still have plenty of time. The break is perfect for looking at different colleges that fit a student’s need and major. A university checklist can be helpful to see how much is being accomplished. Applying for a plan B college is also a good idea in case of not being accepted by a plan A college.


Look for places to live

Finding a good, affordable place to live is difficult. is a good place to start when looking for affordable housing. Consider walking, driving or biking distance to the college to help find the best place to live.



The winter season might be the best time to volunteer to a food bank or other form of community service. The homeless need the most resources during this time of the year to keep warm, among other things. Food banks are overwhelmed by the community during the winter season and could use any help offered. Volunteering hours will also help with scholarships.


Get a job

Need to catch up on some bills? Need to save up for something you need or want? Get a job. Spending the break working isn’t what everyone wants to do, but it will help put money in the bank. Potential seasonal jobs are easy to find in the winter. is a good place to look.


Do Chores

Going to school with a full load can leave anyone with a full load of dishes or laundry. Get rid of the mess and walk into the new year with a clean home and a clear mind.


Make a new year resolution

Some people joke around saying that new year resolutions never work. Maybe that’s true. Use the break to make a new year resolution that can be done.


Catch up on reading

Some might have had their nose stuck in a book all term, but what about sticking a nose in a good book full of adventure?