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The Riverhawk greets visitors to the Flegel Center’s open house. The Flegel Center is located in the heart of downtown Roseburg, on SE Oakbriar Street.

Living in the Flegel Center

After much anticipation, student athletes moved into the historical Flegel Center building last November. Original move in dates were set in October of 2019, however lead dust testing and construction postponed the move in date by several weeks. Student athletes stayed with host families until the center was ready in November of 2019. The cost of renovation was approximately $350,000.

 “When we moved in, I was very pleased with the situation we were provided,” Coby Clark, UCC student and Baseball athlete and Montana native, said. “We have our own facility right where we live to practice on our own or with others, and we even have official practices there on rainy days. We have a convenient living situation as a whole.”

The Flegel Center is located in downtown Roseburg, on SE Oak Street, across the street from the U.S. Postal Service and nearby Umpqua Sweets and Treats. The Center houses three coaches and 32 male student athletes. The majority of the student athletes are baseball players, however there are also a few track athletes staying at the center. Three of the baseball athletes are international students from Canada.

The Flegel Center sets itself apart from traditional dorms with its distinctive historical charm, unique features, high ceilings and large rooms. Rooms are located on the second floor and in the renovated basement. The bedrooms are able to fit large full size and queen beds, with plenty of extra storage for athlete’s clothing and belongings. There are two separate dining room areas; one upstairs and one in the basement, both containing brand new stoves and refrigerators. There are extra freezers and pantries available for food storage. The athletes also have laundry facilities on site.

House rules include regular cleaning and having everyone do their part in chores, according to Clark. Guests must leave by 8:00 p.m. and the mandatory curfew is at 11:00 p.m. The center is also alcohol and drug free.

Students were allocated parking permits for a parking garage found almost three blocks away from the center. Although the parking garage has security, student athletes have had their vehicles broken into.

“One of my teammates had his car broken into 3 times! First time he got his battery, his music sub, and some clothes stolen,” Clark said.  “Then it happened again and they stole his brand new music sub. There was also an occasion where I got my car broken into as well. I cleaned it out the day before so there wasn’t much to take besides 4 dollars in change, thank goodness.”

Aside from the car break-ins, student athletes are pleased with the living situation. “It’s a good thing knowing that most of the people I live with are teammates,” Clark said. “We all bond more, help each other out with school work and spend quality time together doing fun activities. Each person on the team shares a common goal and we get along well.”

Flegel Fun Facts

  • -Opened in 1914
  • -Designed by William C. Knighton, designer of many historic Oregon buildings such as the Oregon Supreme Court Building and the Governor Hotel.
  • -17,860 square feet
  • -Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993

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