I graduated from high school 2 years ago, I graduate from community college on June 14. Those 2 years flew by like a shooting star. It might sound cliché, but just like a shooting star my life at UCC was short, but it made an impact. I made memories, friends, mentors and family.

I am sure this is the same for some of the graduating class of 2019, and maybe some beg to differ. As I send off the class of 2019 I would just like to say I hope your time here has the same impact on you.

I started my career in the Mainstream the moment I got to UCC. I was scared and I alone…At least I thought I was. The class welcomed me and I made friends quick. I had a comfort zone with writing, but with a friendly shove from my colleges I began to push myself.

I wish I had 2 more years to go. I want to stay at UCC and write and lead the newspaper for as long as I can, but just like my first term here I am being shoved by my friends, mentors and colleges to move forward.

We all have to move forward, some of us may be haven’t been back to school for a year or maybe twenty, but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t moved forward. We all have a place to be, sometimes we all need a shove.

So, proudly put on your cap and your gown, look pretty and handsome and enjoy this day. You owe it to yourself to walk across that stage with the biggest grin in the world. Go home to the cats, eat a nice dinner or go and party, whatever it is you do, do it with pride because you deserve it.