Giving back to the community is what the Small Group Discussion class – taught by Paula Usrey – does via service learning projects. These activities teach students how to work in a group environment while benefiting the community.

This term’s service learning projects aim at feeding vets and the homeless to cleaning up our recreational areas.

Service is not all that the students learn. Service learning projects allow students to work together as a group in a real life context. “We know real life can be messy, and you can’t learn life skills from a textbook,” stated Usrey. She added, “Service learning projects are a way students can learn necessary life skills while benefiting their community and giving back to others.”

The way the class is structured, students will present an idea for a project that benefits the community. Projects range from cleaning up parks and beaches to raising funds or goods for charities.

The group planning process begins with presenting ideas for group projects. Students will pick a project they feel passionate about to join. Projects, like the ones developed for this term, are given clever names to signify the strength and unity that reinforces group work.

Group 1 – The Super Six – Forest Cleanup

The Super Six aim to beautify an area the community can enjoy just in time for the outdoors season. Their plan is to clean up a trail or a campsite as soon as they get the go ahead.

Where they will clean is determined by the U.S. Forest Service since some of the group projects require clearance with the proper authorities. The U.S. Forest Service will also help with some supplies and direction needed to carry out their mission.

The group members consist of Farrah, Vanessa, Haley, Savannah, Dustin, and Kai (Last names withheld upon request).

Group 2 –Caffeinated Crew – Dry Goods Drive for the VA

The caffeinated crew is taking in donations of coffee, tea and muffins for vets who come in to the Veterans Administration center for tests that require fasting. The group hopes to also give some of their donations to vets on campus.

“If vets go to the cafeteria, there is only food they have to pay for and the group would like to provide some items to those vets for free,” explained one group member.

Currently the group has taken in donations amounting to three coffee makers as well as 250 pounds of coffee and dry goods. They held one food drive at Sherm’s and are planning another drive at Grocery Outlet and another on campus.

Group members consist of Logan Boggs, Abby Dooley, Jasmine DuBose, T. Nolan Houck, Serene Holsclaw, and Nathan Ikola

Group 3 – Children of Chuck Norris – Food for the Lost

Food for the Lost is a nonperishable food drive for the Pacific Northwest Bandits Roseburg chapter. The chapter takes in donations to benefit the homeless of Douglas and Clackamas Counties.

“We want to be able to raise as much food as possible to help the families and persons that Pacific Northwest Bandits Roseburg donates to,” says Renee Bovee, the person who suggested the project idea. The Pacific Northwest Bandits is an Oregon Registered Non-Profit Limited. They share a passion for the outdoors, the United States and veterans. The club revolves around family values and intend to keep it centered on family, fun, fundraisers, and supporting causes they believe in.

Children of Chuck Norris will hold a food drive at Sherm’s Sunday, May 15th, from 12 to 5 p.m.

The group members are Renee Bovee, Ashley Hampton, Aaron Becker, Rylie Brausam, Nathaniel Winston, and Charles Crosier in association with the Pacific Northwest Bandits Roseburg Chapter.

Group 4 – The Zoo Crew – Food Drive

The Zoo Crew is conducting a canned food drive for UCC’s food pantry Project C.A.N.S. Project C.A.N.S. is an on-campus food pantry established by student government.

“We saw a need and wanted to do what we could to help benefit needy students here at UCC,” said one of the group members.

Students can receive help from the pantry if they meet the qualifications (must be enrolled in at least three credits and may access Project C.A.N.S. up to three times per term).

The Zoo Crew wants to raise at least 1000 pounds of food for the students of UCC. They are planning a food drive at Sherm’s, Saturday, May 14th, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The group members are Chloe, Michael, Emily, Brittnie, Autumn, and Sharon (Last names withheld upon request).

Upcoming Events:

The Zoo Crew – Food Drive


Children of Chuck Norris – Food for the Lost

When: Sunday, May 15th, from 12 to 5 p.m. – Where: Sherms Thunderbird, 2553 NW Stewart Parkway, Roseburg, Oregon.