Associated Students of UCC

(ASUCC) is a student leadership body made up of five elected students and as many as five senators. Currently, there four student officers and two senators in office for the 2016/17 school year.

The current president of ASUCC is Alexandra (Ali) Lape. Lape has a busy life. She is a student, midwife, volunteer firefighter and mother. Lape serves on many campus committees as a voice for students, and is dual-enrolled at OSU.

ASUCC vice president is Kristapher Yates. In 2014/15, Yates served as ASUCC president. He is also a dual-enrolled student at OIT, working towards a degree in Operations Management with a minor in Psychology.

Alicia Jones is the business manager for ASUCC. Jones has also served in student leadership in the past, having held the business manager position in 2016; Jones is dual-enrolled at Oregon State University and Umpqua Community College. Jones has continued to study at UCC based solely on the fact that she was not ready to leave UCC behind.

Public relations are handled by Patrick Schneider. Schneider recently completed the AAS Business Marketing degree program and is working towards completing a number of certificates before graduation. He has an extensive background in media and marketing working for radio. Schneider also wrote for The Mainstream student newspaper in 2016.

The senators currently serving in ASUCC are Geruen Erandro and Josiah Kelly.