Exercise has an endless list of benefits, including clearer skin and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
There are hundreds of different ways to be more active. It is important to find the right one for you and your lifestyle. Finding an exercise that you can stick with and you like is most important.

“When people are similar to the activities they pursue,” says James Gavin, a professor at Concordia University in Montreal, “they tend to be happier, express more satisfaction and stay with it longer.” When finding the right exercise routine take into consideration, your schedule, fitness goals, and training benefits.

Even just taking a daily walk, swim or bike ride, can significantly increase the positive benefits of exercising. For example exercising just 30 minutes a day can improve your mood, decrease your risk of chronic diseases, help maintain a healthy weight, help with digestion, increase prevention of diabetes, and can even lower anxiety.

Even if you have been exercising for years, sometimes it’s hard to find motivation to workout. Make a commitment to a friend you work out with, research shows if someone else is depending on you to show up for a workout there’s a higher chance you will show up, according to Michelle P. Maidenberg, PhD, MPH, clinical director of Westchester Group Works in Harrison, N.Y. Positive thinking can go along way, reward yourself after a long workout, treat yourself to something fun.

Once you have motivation to exercise it’s important to get into a habit. Make fitness a priority, stick to a regular time every day, write in a calendar, try logging activities, and be aware of progress.

Douglas County has quite a few gyms, exercise programs, and activities to join, including the YMCA located NW Stewart Parkway for more information about their memberships their contact number is 541-839-6117.
Fitness First located Oakland Ave. Contact information is 541-673-0555
Downtown Fitness and Aerobics located on Jackson St. contact information is 541-673-4848