Quarantine: is there a correct way?

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Quarantine: is there a correct way?

To slow SARS-CoV-2, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Douglas County Public Health Department are highly recommending that people exposed to COVID-19 quarantine to reduce the risk of getting infected or infecting others. What, how and when do people quarantine and why are people afraid to do it? 

What is the difference between isolation and quarantine? 

Isolation is required when a person is already infected. Isolation looks like remaining in a separate room in the house away from family members, using a separate bathroom, and not sharing utensils or other household items, according to the Douglas County Health Department. This is done to help prevent other people in the household getting sick. 

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Quarantine, on the other hand, keeps someone who might have been exposed to COVID-19 away from other people out in society to help reduce spread. People in quarantine should still practice safety guidelines provided by the CDC like staying six feet apart, washing their hands and monitoring their health to make sure they are not sick. Quarantine is a period of 14 days, which can seem like a long time to be in your house doing absolutely nothing. Renata Whightsil, who was required to quarantine, says people are nervous to quarantine because they can only work remotely while possibly losing income, while at the same time waiting for the possible impending doom of getting COVID-19.

Staying home for 14 days can be boring as well as stressful. However, this time can be taken as an opportunity to learn new things, clean the house, or do a craft that has been put off forever. It does not have to be boring. It can be a type of vacation, a little lonely one, but technology can help people stay connected to family and friends. Renata Whightsil suggests talking on the phone, facetiming someone, or even writing a letter.

Other things to do could be binge watching favorite tv shows, catching up on some cleaning (like deep cleaning under that oven or behind the fridge), doing crafts (such as homemade Christmas presents), or literally doing anything you have wanted. This might be a good time to read a book series or watch the top ten on Netflix, and if any more ideas are needed, click on this link with 100 things to do.

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