A remembrance service commemorating the Umpqua Community College shooting was held at the Douglas County Courthouse steps on Friday Sept. 30 at 3 p.m. with approximately 100 in attendance.

Pastor Randy Scroggins, whose daughter Lacey was in Snyder 15 during the Oct. 1 shooting, led the invocation with a voice at times choked with emotion. Several Douglas County officials including Sheriff John Hanlin, Douglas County Commissioners Chris Boice and Tim Freeman, as well as Roseburg and Winston police and sheriff officers attended the remembrance.  Scroggins was the only speaker.

The service began with a color guard of officers lowering the courthouse flag to half-mast followed by prayer and invocation for the shooting victims. Heidi Lamb-Wood played a rendition of “Amazing Grace” on bagpipes while an honor guard procession one-by-one brought a bouquet of flowers for each of the deceased and placed it at the base of the courthouse flag.  Scroggins then led a benediction prayer for the community, UCC, and the victims’ families.