UCC graduating senior, Shyla Yu, receives the Diversity Excellence Scholarship for the University of Oregon because of her hard work and passion of social science. Yu was awarded $14,000 dollars to aid with her Bachelors degree in psychology.

“I’m really proud of myself for getting the scholarship because I started college having no idea how I would ever pay for it,” Yu said.

She has been awarded this scholarship due to recognition of her achievements in and out of the classroom, and her commitment to enhancing diversity in the community.

“I’m interested in psychology because I want to normalize, raise awareness, and help adolescents with mental health,” Yu said.

The application for this scholarship was connected to the University of Oregon’s general application, which Yu applied for, as well as the Diversity Excellence Scholarship. Yu wrote five essays, and provided a reference letter from her manager at her first job.

“UCC is full of amazing professors that helped me realize that I am passionate about my education and that continuing on to get a graduate degree if my definitive plan in life,” Yu said.

Yu wants to thank professor Tafea Polamalu for providing the chance to gain insights on minority issues in a formal educational institution.

Yu lives on her own, works a full time job, while maintaining honor roll status at UCC for six consecutive terms. Time management, dedication, and passion for education is what Yu contributes to her success.

Yu plans on finishing her bachelors degree, and then applying to graduate school.