As part of Roseburg City Council’s 2018 goal for enhancing community livability and public safety, Roseburg will be reopening the public library, formerly known as the Douglas County library. The projected reopening could be as soon as summer of 2018.

Trish Ochs, a current student at Umpqua Community College, is in full support of the library reopening. “I would love to see the library come back to the county; I know how useful it was for the children who are home schooled as well as the kids that attend high school,” Ochs said.

Scott Batch, a Douglas County sheriff and a Umpqua Community College security guard said, “Plenty of people use it. If we can have it reopen, it would be great for our community.”

On May 31, 2017, the Douglas County library closed its doors. But on February 12, 2018 the Roseburg City Council approved a library ordinance which uses the Douglas Education Service District to play a key role helping with this reopening.

The News Review on Feb. 15, 2018 quoted Michael Lasher, Douglas Education Service District Superintendent, as saying, “We are really excited to be able to help the community reopen the library.” An agreement between the district and city will be voted on by March or April 2018.

Tiffany Smith, a student library aide and current student, heard that half of the community relies on this library. Smith said, ”It was a shame that it closed down. In fact, I used to go with my family at least once a month. I hope it reopens soon.”

To learn more on this topic or to get involved contact the Douglas Education Service District or the City of Roseburg.

A former version of this post had the incorrect headline stating an incorrect opening date. It has been corrected and updated.