The two grants which had helped UCC provide a recovery advising specialist and a badge-wearing deputy, among other things, unexpectedly ended, leaving the college scrambling for new options.

These federal U.S. Department of Education SERV grants would have continued, but as Susan Taylor, executive director for the UCC Foundation, pointed out, the rules were difficult to understand, sometimes obtuse and difficult to follow correctly. Taylor recalled that it was “frustrating” to not understand some of the vague wording presented by the government.

While the two grants were lost, a new grant has helped to offset the losses.

Taylor helped bring a new grant that mitigated the loss of the first two. This new $1.28 million Department of Justice grant was received December, 2016, including approximately $209,000 to fund a victim advocate as well as an accommodations specialist, according to Taylor. While this grant will expire in the future, Taylor was optimistic that extensions are available.

This grant can last three years from the date of the original incident, so it still has time.

While UCC doesn’t currently have a grant director, Taylor is currently acting as interim until a new one is found as well as working as executive director of advancement and the UCC Foundation. “Ms. Taylor directed UCC and the Foundation’s efforts in raising $25 million in competitive grants since 2008,” according to UCC’s website.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has contracted Scott Batsch to the campus on a part time basis. Returning students may remember Batsch from last year.

Harvey Day, one of UCC’s security officers, would also like students to know that campus security is always available. “We can’t do anything unless we know about it. Sometimes, we’re (security) the last to know about things,” Day said.

If something does need to be reported, Day wants students to take that initiative. Kathy Frazer, administrative secretary in the Warehouse, and Day also want students to know that Lost and Found is available through the Warehouse building located between Lockwood Hall and the Student Center.

Campus security can be reached at 541-440-7777.

While the loss of the two federal SERV grants has led to a change in the counselors on campus, that doesn’t mean that resources aren’t available. If students are feeling overwhelmed on campus, they can reach out to Veronica Joyce in ESB 13. The Resiliency Room is also available in ESB 8.