debate club
Provided by Trick Schneider The Mainstream

Students in the newly re-formed Debate Club conduct a debate every Friday at 12 to 1 p.m. in Riverview room 101. This term, the club is debating campus issues. The last time the club was in session it focused on “human rights issues.”

Students can debate in the club or come and listen without actually joining the club so that they can voice their opinions about issues that they feel need to be discussed.

Because the Debate Club is just re-starting, they are actively looking for more members. They have started to nominate and elect officers. Although someone has been nominated for each available club officer opening, no voting has been done yet, so interims are currently holding the open positions to help the club move along.

Each debate lasts about a half hour and will follow a structured format to keep within the allotted time frame. At the end of each debate, the following week’s subject under the topic “Campus Issues” will be decided so that members and guests have enough time to research in order to have an informed frame of mind.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun. It doesn’t require any academics, you can be a first term student to get involved right away, [and] everyone’s got an opinion,” Patrick Schneider, a member of the club, stated.