Glade, Air Wick, Spot Shot, Spic and Span Multi-Surface and Floor Cleaner, Ajax, Dynamo and Fab Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergents are common household products that have been listed on the “Cleaners Hall of Shame” by The Environmental Working Group.

In a study conducted in 2012, these products were found to be the most harmful household products.
These are not the only problematic cleaning products. Many cleaning supplies can cause some terrible symptoms over time such as coughing, sneezing, skin rashes and even headaches. Many cleaning supplies have a warning on the bottle of what can happen if the use of these products are prolonged.

A majority of cleaning supplies that have Phthalates, which is usually labeled as “fragrance,” are said to have symptoms such as reduced sperm counts. Triclosan is usually labeled as “antibacterial” in soaps. Antibacterial soaps reduce the antibodies needed to help fight off viruses. Ammonia is often found in polishing agents such as jewelry cleaner. Ammonia can cause symptoms such as chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Even for those who want to be careful with cleaning products, Kern Wellness warns, “Only 7 percent of cleaning products honestly list all of their ingredients.”

There are healthier alternatives to these dangerous products. Switching to store-bought green cleaning products or homemade cleaning supplies made with safe ingredients commonly found in homes is one way to reduce health risks.
Below is a list of the most common green cleaning products that can be found in big box stores, online or in organic shopping stores.

Method, a cleaning product that has been in the green cleaning product game for awhile, is natural as well as organic. Method ranges from hand soaps to cleaning supplies and even body wash.

Green Works
Eco-friendly as well as organic, Green Works is best used for anything from multi-purpose cleaning to dishwashing liquid. Green Works is found at Target and Amazon.

The Honest Company
The Honest Company strives to make safe products for families. It makes green cleaning products such as diapers, vitamins, cleaning supplies and even beauty supplies.

Glass Cleaner (DIY)
Small Footprint Family has a recipe for a homemade glass cleaner recipe that promises a streak free shine to make window and mirror cleaning not only organic and natural, but also definitely non-toxic. There are only three ingredients, and it is so easy anyone can make it.

All-Purpose Disinfectant
Small Footprint Family also has a recipe for an all-purpose cleaner that requires a little more work since it does have four ingredients and may require a trip to the store. They say to feel free to use this disinfectant on walls, counter tops, granite and stone.

Tub and Tile Scrub
Need an easy tile and tub scrub? Small Footprint Family has a fast and easy DIY that only requires four ingredients and is natural and organic. Best of all, most of the ingredients are commonly found in homes.

Spring cleaning isn’t over yet. Additional new cleaning products and DIY projects, which are all natural and organic and safe, can be found at Small Footprint Family’s website along with the recipes for all DIY projects shown here.
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