A pickle in the tree, shoes put outside bedroom doors, or maybe a baby Jesus in a cake — all of these are traditions shared by different families.

Holiday traditions can be as weird as a pickle in a tree or just as simple as a gift exchange, but no matter what the tradition is, it is still special because it is shared with families.

Crockett a Umpqua Community College student, says she has three Christmases: one at her mothers, one at her stepfather’s and, a week later, one with her grandparents. She said her weirdest family tradition is that her whole family gets matching footie pajamas for Christmas.

Crockett also said that she had three Thanksgivings due to her parents having different spouses.

Tiffany Smith is in student government. Smith said her family tradition consists of chocolate gravy and biscuits with bacon and eggs. “It’s the sweet and the salty mix,” Smith said.

Auburn Stott, an Umpqua Community College student, says she has a huge family and they all spend Christmas on the beach for two weeks. She said they go to Depoe Bay or Seaside. Stott also said that her grandmother gets everyone in her family (about fifty plus) socks for Christmas.

Esmeralda Flores, a student at Umpqua Community College, said that as she celebrates Christmas she likes to eat a lot. She enjoys eating tamales. Flores said that her family does a gift exchange.

Flores also went into depth about other ways her culture might celebrate the holidays. She said Noche Buena is sometimes celebrated. Flores said that Noche Buena celebrates the moment Christmas officially starts, at 12 o’clock the morning of the 25th. Flores said instead of waiting till everyone is woken up on the 25th the family would open the gifts at 12 o’clock. She also said that instead of Santa they have Nino Jesus or little Jesus. However, she still leaves out cookies and milk for Santa.

Flores said as a child she left her shoes outside her bedroom to receive gifts. This is another celebration in her culture known as the three kings. Flores said that if shoes are left outside of the children’s bedrooms then the three kings will leave gifts for the children.

UCC student Hunter Creech said that her family usually opens one gift on Christmas Eve. Creech also said that they put an ornament pickle in the tree. Creech said the first to find the pickle gets to open the first gift.

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