This past week has been a trying one for many in America. As the leadership of the country moves from one administration to another, changes are inevitable. Concerns surround what those changes are and how they will affect the populace in the future. As uncertainty rises, so does the need to speak out our thoughts, hopes and fears as we see these changes come about. Media is often the source we turn to in order to get some semblance of answers. What do we do when those outlets become unreliable?

“Fake news” is a term we have heard repeatedly lately, both as a label for news that is unfounded, and hurled against reputable organizations that have been around decades. It can be difficult to decipher what is true and what is not, and who to rust for the facts.

Since its inception in 1968, Umpqua Community College’s The Mainstream has brought the campus its news for over 49 years. From war to student government, financial aid and security concerns, it has tackled issues both local and nationwide that affect students’ life and well-being. During difficult times, like Oct. 1, 2015, the staff has remained the voice of the students, staff and faculty. They have striven to ensure accuracy of the facts presented and awareness of the constant changes surrounding the campus.

It is our constant goal during this current time of upheaval and uncertainty to bring you the facts, with reliable sources and information you can rely on. We will strive to fact-check to ensure you get the most accurate and update information available. We will not publish something that is “fake news.” Nor will we allow our facts to be tempered with bias. This is your student voice, your Mainstream.

Interested in participating? The Mainstream can be found around campus in all buildings and online at We also welcome letters to the Editor. You can sign up for the class J215 for 1 to 3 credits and help us be your voice.