Students answer some quarantine questions

Many students are finding themselves faced with a slew of new problems now that they are anchored in their homes, while others are finding new delights in life. Here’s what students shared about their quarantine experience. 

 How have you been personally affected by the social distancing order? 

It’s become harder to find ways to get outside. – Marley Maloney 

I live with my daughter, son-in-law and two grandkids. My son-in-law is the only one going to work. My daughter is an elementary school teacher; she holds Zoom classes a few times a week, and the students seem really excited. Life with a 4-year-old and 18-month-old quarantined at home is a little crazy! 

I’m thankful I’m not isolated completely alone, and yet sometimes I wish I were. I have moments where I am social, I like interacting with people and enjoy others, but only for short periods of time. I am quite content being alone. I could say I would be fine isolating alone if I didn’t have grandkids. They are the reason I am thankful I live in the same house. – Lisa Clark 

I have not been able to go to work or class. – Benjamin Hobert 

I am not personally affected at all by the social distancing order because I can still call and chat over Discord. – Jude Mai 

During this quarantine I have been struggling with finding things to do to keep busy. Staying productive is probably the hardest part about it. – Ryan Remington 

How have you been passing the time during quarantine? 

I’ve been passing the time in quarantine by playing video games, playing music, and taking walks –Marley Maloney 

Once school began, the majority of my time is taken up with my classes. The time I have left over is spent with my grandkids. Though, I have gone back and re-watched Grey’s Anatomy. I also keep up with playing Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite, though I play much less now that I am quarantined at home. – Lisa Clark 

I have been working on projects around the house, studying, working on projects for my work from home, and watching a truly unhealthy amount of YouTube. –Benjamin Hobert 

I am passing my time during quarantine by catching up on shows I wanted to watch, chatting with friends through group calls, and playing games. –Jude Mai 

The thing that has taken up my time the most during quarantine is probably video games with friends and online classes. –Ryan Remington 

What is one thing that you’ve done during quarantine that you would have never done otherwise? 

I’ve started setting up games in my backyard. –Marley Maloney

I have no answer for this one. I was enjoying my grandkids until school began, and now, school. –Lisa Clark 

I learned how to use the camera on my computer and how to upload videos to YouTube. –Benjamin Hobert 

Now that I find myself with more free time, I have been reading a bit more. I probably would have never started reading outside of quarantine because it is sort of a last resort. –Ryan Remington 

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