I’m going to miss all my fellow students and our advisor Melinda Benton. The Mainstream helped me improve my writing skills and how to come out of my shell. Having recently changed my major I was worried I was too far behind in what I should already know, but after my two terms at The Mainstream I feel a lot more comfortable with my decision to go into writing and have more confidence in my decision. I really want to thank all the English teachers at UCC who have helped me, and a special thank you to Melinda for all her help this past year. I have met many new people and made some new friends during my time at The Mainstream and hope to one day see them all again and where they went in life. -Taytam Trauthwein

Umpqua Community College has been an experience that went by faster than I thought it would. I came here a fresh high school graduate unsure of my place in the world and what I wanted to do in it. However, with the help of the amazing Fine Arts Department, I have learned more about myself and what I enjoy doing. My only regrets are not finding The Mainstream sooner. Melinda Benton is as caring as she is motivating to push her students to be the best they can be. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time not only at UCC but also as a member of The Mainstream. I will greatly miss the community that I have found here, but I look forward to finding and learning more. -Jayden Dukes

Going into college I was looking for a place to fit into the puzzle, what I found was a home. The moment I entered the Mainstream room, I knew it was a place I would grow, build connections, and learn. The mainstream did not just provide me memories, it also got me through my first year of college. I’ve become a stronger writer as well as made long lasting friendships. I want to give a special thank you to Melinda Benton for being an amazing instructor that has improved me as a writer. I know that the amount of knowledge she has is one that I will strive to achieve as I continue on in my education.
As for UCC, I want to thank the college for helping me enter into a higher education and providing me opportunities to grow as a student and citizen.Through the mainstream I was able to meet a lot of extraordinary people around campus and appreciate the tight community that lives within the college. Thank you for the memories, experience, education, and growth. -Hannah Wicks

My Mainstream experience has been a great one. I have had the opportunities to write many movie reviews and even get out of my comfort zone to write on more serious topics. Getting out of my comfort zone is what created my favorite memory from my time here. This memory was writing my article on Dr. Emery Smith. Writing this article has opened so many doors in my life and helped me take a huge leap forward in my college career. Without The Mainstream, I would have never had this opportunity to meet Dr. Smith or learn of any of the topics he is researching. Along with this, I have been able to develop my writing skill and become a much more poignant writer. Learning how to conduct interviews has been another really beneficial skill I learned here. Looking back, I am really grateful for the opportunity to be a part of The Mainstream and I would encourage any and everyone to join. -Darryl Ray

When you think of the word “mainstream,” one may associate the word with normal or conventional, but The Mainstream Student Newspaper is anything but.
Racing to finish deadlines, high-speed chases in golf carts, and singing karaoke in the center of campus are all regular activities of UCC student newspaper.
The opportunity to become more involved with the campus, and to work with such creative students is an experience I will always cherish.
Thanks to The Mainstream, I’ve had the opportunities to travel to a different country, to learn alongside students in field courses, and to discover more about myself than ever before.
Melinda Benton is not only the strongest, most hardworking woman I have ever met, but she is an inspiration to me. Melinda Benton is one of the first professor’s I’ve had at UCC, and she has time and time again proven to be the most influential part of my college experience. Through her advising and the help of my fellow classmates, I’ve developed into a better writer and a better person.
She doesn’t just teach, she’s your number 1 supporter, your best friend, and the person to hold you responsible, (which we all need sometimes).
I plan to move up to Corvallis and continue my education at OSU, where I will work on environmentalism and hopefully eco journalism. None of this would be possible without the help and guidance I have received from Melinda Benton and The Mainstream. -Susan Jarvis

I learned a lot about myself during my short stay here at UCC. Throughout the two years I spent learning on this gorgeous campus, I met many new faces and have had life changing experiences. I’ve studied film and rock music, fed giraffes and elephants during my Wildlife Biology class, and chased down story leads while writing for the Mainstream. Following this writing, I even get to visit Crater Lake and the Redwoods on a botany trip. To say my time here at UCC has been rewarding is an understatement.
Writing for the Mainstream has introduced me to many new smiling faces. It’s obvious that the staff here care deeply for their college and it’s students. I have been apart of a couple of welcoming and friendly groups such as the Mainstream writing team and the Trio College Success group which helped me ease into being more myself around others. My editor/advisor Melinda Benton taught me many new things about writing and I am fortunate to have had her tutelage and support throughout the year.
I couldn’t be more lucky to have the opportunity to get an education here at UCC, and I’m for sure going to miss my time here. -Trenton Lyman