Douglas County Bees bring glass beehive to this year’s Wildflower Show

Over 600 species of flowers, shrubs, grasses, ferns, lichens and mosses… all in one room? Yes.

The Glide Wildflower show, April 27 and 28, at the Glide Community Center displayed rare and unusual flowers, noxious weeds, medicinal plants, natural dyes and photographs of rare and endangered plants in one of the nation’s premiere native plant events.

The wildflowers and native flora of the northwest are gathered annually by dozens of collection teams who traveled from southwest Oregon to the Cascade Mountains to the Oregon Coast.

Inside, the plants were displayed in various pots, containers and showpieces along with plant art, photography, paintings and a handmade quilt. The quilt, “Heart and Flowers,” was created from photos of flowers that quilter Alice Parker had collected in three decades of field study.

Over 1,000 visitors attended this year’s show. “I loved checking out all these diverse flowers and plants from around Oregon. It was such a good opportunity to see all these plants spread all over Oregon in one room,” RCC student Kylee Martinez said.

The Glide Wildflower Show also had attractions for those not-so into plants. Pies and other bakery treats were sold. Informational books on gardening, local hiking spots and medicinal herbs were also available for purchase.

Outside, booths showcased and sold native plants, along side a live demonstration of yarn-spinning and buzzing, active beehive in glass.

The beehive came from Douglas County Bees who shared beekeeping knowledge, free pollinator seeds, and technical details on pollination and beekeeping. Natural insect pollinators such as: bees, wasps, moths, butterflies and beetles were discussed.

“The bees were one of the biggest highlights of the show for me. The group who brought the bees were so welcoming and happy to answer all my questions. I left the show feeling so inspired,” Glide resident Beth White said.

To learn more about Douglas County Bees, The local charitable organization meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Douglas County Courthouse on the third floor. For more information, call (541) 375-0393.

Interested in checking out native plants, bees, or a slice of pie? The next Glide Wildflower Show is scheduled for April 25 and 26, 2020, according to the GWS website.