To ease the stress of being cooped up all day, as well as the looming threat of incoming midterms, UCC students have been asked an array of lighthearted quarantine hypotheticals. Here’s what they shared. 

If you could pick one restaurant to be able to eat at during quarantine, where would it be and why? 

Definitely a Mexican restaurant. I love the energy and getting chips before the meal! –Julia Spens 

I would eat at Panera Bread in Eugene. It’s not in Roseburg, so I can’t eat there right now, and I love soup and good bread so that’s my favorite place to go! –Sicily Tornell 

I would want to eat at Red Robin. I am missing my Banzai burger, with special double patty, lettuce and tomatoes on the side, and as many steak fries as I can possibly fit! I love the atmosphere and service, and always get to eat there with friends, so it is an experience I truly miss right now!  –George Turner 

The Lighthouse Bakery because they are amazing and wonderful, and I want to eat all their food every single day. –Libby Fregoso 

 I would try someplace new. I’d like to expand my range and variety. –Hunter Hilliard 

Are there any skills or hobbies you’ve found yourself wanting to pick up during quarantine? How come? 

I have always been really into painting, but I didn’t always have time for it. I have been able to paint as much as I want. –-Julia Spens 

I haven’t exactly picked up any new hobbies, but I am relearning an old one. I played guitar in middle school, and I have decided to teach myself to play again. I am a bit of a musical person, so it’s always fun to learn/relearn an instrument. –Sicily Tornell 

Yes, as a matter of fact! I found myself picking up the guitar again, after abandoning it a few years ago for lack of time. So not only have I begun to play guitar again, I also am teaching myself how to use nunchucks. Lastly, I’ve begun my own fitness sinsta to enable me to easily track my workouts and progress, and I’m getting plenty of time to learn Persian Farsi as I prepare for my military service. –George Turner 

Yes. I’ve been wanting to learn how to play the cello for years now, and I really wish I had one right now! I think just having more time at home, and the fact that my son is taking his piano lessons via FaceTime, makes me want to play music more. –Libby Fregoso 

During this pandemic, I began learning a lot about business and self-management. I have realized that I do not want to work the rest of my life at 40 hours a week. Something new and different is what brings success. –-Hunter Hilliard 

What’s one thing you know you should cut back on during the quarantine but aren’t? 

I should cut back on eating too many snacks, haha. –Julia Spens 

Binge watching! I have been binging crime shows so much during this quarantine. I know I should stop, but I have a few I’m hooked on. –-Sicily Tornell 

Honestly? My hair! I’ve been teaching my girlfriend how to cut hair and offering my scalp as live practice. Sadly, we only got one cut in before quarantine, so I am slowly developing luscious locks. I think I’ve reached the breaking point; I can wait no longer… –George Turner 

Caffeine. –Libby Fregoso 

Oh man. If there is one thing I could cut back on, it would have to be eating out during lunch time. I like the food and choices, but I know it’s not the healthiest way to live. I need to improve on that for sure. For example, I could learn to cook during my spare time! –Hunter Hilliard 

If you could spend quarantine with any one person, who would it be? Why? 

I would like to be quarantined with my sister, because I don’t get to see her often! –-Julia Spens 

I would probably spend quarantine with my family like I am now. I’m close with my sisters and parents, so it’s been fun for me to be home with them and not just focused on school. –Sicily Tornell 

My brother William because he is in the Army and getting deployed in June or July for some time. Since I am joining up as well, I won’t be able to see him for quite some time, and we always have fun. Since he’s been in various trainings for the past year, I haven’t even seen him without the quarantine. –-George Turner 

Nic Cage. No explanation needed. –Libby Fregoso 

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the order is lifted? Why? 

The first thing I am going to do is hang out with my friends! I miss them so much. And hopefully go on a trip! –Julia Spens 

I am going to go visit my boyfriend, grandparent, cousins, and Eugene friends. I will visit them mostly just because I miss them and because I can! –Sicily Tornell 

I hope to visit some friends of mine in Fresno, California. I love the weather down there this time of year. Also, I might have to be leaving soon, and I definitely want to say my goodbyes before I run out of time. They’ve been amazing family friends and we’ve done a lot together! –George Turner 

Take my son on the national park road trip we’ve been planning. –Libby Fregoso 

Do you have any pets? If so, how are they holding up during the quarantine? 

Photos provided by Sicily Tornell, George Turner, and Libby Fregoso

I have one cat! I don’t think she is affected by this. –-Julia Spens 

I have two dogs! One is a new puppy we got at the beginning of quarantine. They are doing well and are getting a lot of attention because we are all home to dote on her and our older dog. –Sicily Tornell 

Yes, I have a golden retriever named Boston. He’s just turned two years old on April 21, so he is so full of energy and liveliness. I struggle getting him exercised every single day on long runs since I often have very busy schedules, but it is a joy to see him so happy. Although rambunctious, he is the sweetest and most obedient ever. The quarantine hasn’t changed him one bit but has limited his trips to the dog park where he gets to run with other dogs. One of my sisters owns his half-sister who is three months his junior, so when they are bored they go outside to play together. —George Turner 

Yes. My cat doesn’t care either way, but my dog is in heaven. —Libby Fregoso 

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