Horror games are something I have a strong connection to. I love horror movies and I also love to play horror games. Have you every sat and watched a movie and wished that you could make some of the decisions for them? In some horror games what you do or how you react can change the whole aspect of the game giving players a good ending or bad.

              The list that I have created below was strictly my opinion and my ranking for the games were not what had been seen online but my truthful and honest opinion of the games.




#1 Left 4 Dead  

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“Left 4 Dead” is a zombie horror co-op game. Taking place just two weeks after the outbreak of the green flu. A virus that was seemingly a common flu until it ended up turning its victims into flesh eating zombies or even mutating civilians into special infected. The game allows players to mostly travel freely. Players can choose between four characters. Players can also play four different campaigns that all add together to make one big movie. Players choice of one melee choice of weapon as well as a range weapon. My personal favorite combo is the machete or axe as well as some double pistols. Before choosing the campaign and the character the player has a choice between multiplayer (up to 4 players) or campaign (Solo player) In campaign you will play alone, and the computer will play as the other three characters. As a group or by yourself players must work as a team to plow through the hordes of zombies as well as the special infected:

  • The Boomer– The Boomer is a victim of the green flu virus, a zombie with a huge belly. When players get too close, it vomits its green bile which ultimately blinds the player for a short while as well as drawing the hordes
  • The Smoker– The Smoker is a zombie that may have been a smoker before the green flu and now releases green smoke that makes the characters cough to draw nearby zombies. The Smoker stretches its tongue and lets you dangle in hopelessly as zombie’s claw at you until you are saved.
  • The Witch– The witch may have had mental health issues before the flu since she is presented in a white top and shorts that resemble an asylum uniform. The witch has long, ragged blonde hair and long black nails. She lures her prey with a childlike cry, and if you make her mad, she will charge at you until she gets you. Once she has a victim in her grasp, she proceeds to shred them to pieces.
  • The Hunter- The hunter is a male that wears a dark hoodie to hide his face and camouflage into the normal infected horde. The Hunter waits patiently making some groans, so the player knows his presence is near. The hunter will eventually pounce of one of the players and tears at their chest. The player is completely paralyzed and can only wait for help from other players.
  • The Tank- The huge and muscular tank is the boss of all of the monsters. The tank can throw things such as cars or big chunks of concrete. The tank usually shows up in the campaign finale

This game is fun and is perfect for everyone from players with little experience in video games to experts. Even though this game gets a #1, it does have its flaws. The game’s graphics aren’t the best, but the game is fun, and I enjoy it. I recommend this game. Play with friends or by yourself; either way the game will amuse.



#2 Left 4 Dead 2

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“Left 4 Dead 2” makes number two in this list because it is just so much fun. In “Left 4 Dead 2” players can choose between another four characters beyond the original “Left for Dead” cast, all with different stories. I am absolutely sure that they also live in another state than Pennsylvania. Though the storyline is just the same, four survivors must work together to get to safety from the green Flu infected. In “Left 4 Dead 2” players get a few upgrades such as new weapons like the katana (a shorter sword almost identical to a samurai) which is a personal favorite. The characters also have new special infected to fight off:

  • The Charger– A male with overalls and one big enlarged arm, the charger charges at the player until the player is no longer near the group and cannot be saved.
  • The Jockey– The jockey is a small hunch back looking thing that jumps on the back of its prey and steers players away from the group.
  • The Spitter– The spitter is extremely disgusting to look at. She also spits acid out of her mouth and creates a giant pile of green, acid vomit that can depreciate a player’s health if stepped in.

The special infected from the first game are also included in the list of special infected in the second game. “Left 4 Dead 2” has more campaigns as well as a bunch of downloadable content or. “Left 4 Dead 2” still has some flaws in the graphics and could still use some work but is ranked mostly for how fun it is. I would also love to add that I enjoyed that the special infected had green fluids whether it be bile, spit or smoke. It was a nice addition to the game that hinted to what the flu was and even gave it the name, the green flu.


#3 Dead Island

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In the game “Dead Island” the players character, which ever one is chosen, is enjoying a retreat at a resort. Things quickly go south as the resort fills with chaos due to a killer party the night before. players awake in a hotel room where players try to find supplies in a zombie-infested hotel. The graphics are great and the zombies are extremely horrific not only by how they look but also by the cries they howl from a distance as well as the growls they make close by.

Players’ characters must loot to survive as well as find weapons and supplies to craft an even better, enhanced weapon. Players must also search for food, water, soda or energy drinks to keep their health up. The game is an open world survival game. Players can even do missions to help survivors get safely off the island. In the game, most things are weapons, that’s one reason why it’s so fun.

The island may have beautiful waters and a bright blue sky, the endless amount of scattered bloody corpses doesn’t help it look reassuring and safe. This game is ranked number three because I just didn’t have as much fun but, I give it plenty of kudos for being designed amazingly. It’s scary, it’s got zombies; what more could you want?


#4 Dead Island: Riptide

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This new “Dead Island” franchise game brings players right up to speed after the rescue in the original “Dead Island”. You are now on a boat and must escape and get to shore. After you get off the boat that was supposed to help get players off the island ends up not being so helpful at all since players are now back on the island. Anyways, players are back on the island fighting of the endless number of zombies. This game is listed as number four because not much has changed in the game. The scenery is different, and the graphics are still amazing.

#5 Black Ops Zombies (1-3)

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The ““Black Ops” zombie storyline is one of the best storylines. Everything truly gets more challenging as the story progresses. I enjoy the games because of the thrill you get out of it when climbing the rounds. I also enjoy seeing how the graphics improve. I did enjoy the first game’s story the best, though. The second storyline, however is not so great. I found transit very hard since I’m exactly not an expert or anything.

In the third game players make their way through the city in the rough 30’s. The third “Black Ops” is the best so far, the graphics were great, I love the 30’s. There was even a sexy actress for the girls…. or boys I suppose, best of all Jeff Goldblum (“Jurassic Park”) voiced one of the characters. This was the most fun I have had in all the “Black Op” games.


Yet to Be Played



#1 Agony

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“Agony” is a first-person horror game. Players must find their way out of hell, defeating terrifying demons in the process. The game has been set to release this year. This game looks absolutely terrifying and what makes it even more horrifying is the fact that there is actually little known about the game, what could be scarier than hell? This game has amazing graphics and is why it is number one. I’m excited to play this game and get scared as hell. The Demo for this game can be found at YouTube.


#2 Dead Island 2

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In “Dead Island” 2 (Not “Riptide”) players have moved from the Island of Banoi and are now in the Golden State, San Francisco, California. The game will be available in 2018. I had some fun playing the first two editions, but they were not fun enough to make the top rankings. “Dead Island” 2 does look like it will be more fun and might even have a newer look than before. I also enjoy the change of scenery and graphics. The Demo for this game can be found at YouTube.


#3 Scorn

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“Scorn” is a first-person horror game with seemingly threatening creatures. The new world looks as though it is made up of organic materials like skin or even bone and what seems like metal as well. This game looks amazing and also horrifyingly beautiful. “Scorn” is set to release in October of 2018. The Demo for this game can be found at YouTube.



#4 Dying Light

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“Dying Light” is a first-person open world game survival horror game. Players will use skills like Parkour (Movement that is constant and is the most creative way to get from A to B) while staying away from hordes of zombies. Perhaps it is called “Dying Light” because that is what players should fear. When the light of day begins to die down the zombies become more active. Players even get standoff with a couple cool zombies that only appear at night. “Dying Light” has been out for almost four years and is available for all five platforms like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This game looks haunting and I can’t wait to play it sometime. The graphics in this game are awesome and the zombies look great.


#5 Evil Within 1 & 2

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Both games look amazing and are both currently out for platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you haven’t played this I highly recommend this game. Although, I haven’t played it personally, but I have seen spoilers and thought that it was a great story. I am still curious to play and see what true evil is within. The graphics look dark and terrifying. I am such a huge fan of psychological horror movies as well as games, I think this will be a great game to give me that physiological thrill players enjoy.

I recommend checking out the games I listed. None of them were boring or no good. Some I just felt weren’t as fun as the others. Just because I may not have had as much fun doesn’t mean others won’t. So save some money for a game or two and mark your calendars for all the fun and horrifying games to come.