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Trails to Wellness is a hotline that helps students with resources 24/7/365. This hotline aids with mental health counselors and local services such as food, housing, and mental health resources. Digital Illustration by Mason Ramirez / The Mainstream

Trails to Wellness is a program brought to Umpqua Community College by the college’s new wellness counselor, Casey Kohl. The program’s purpose is to provide students with 24/7/365 access to a hotline for mental health counselors and local services such as resources for food, housing, and mental health. In order to access this line, students must call 833-434-1217.

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Students should save this hotline’s number
both for themselves, if needed, and to share with friends in distress.

When they call this number, students will be asked for their student ID number, full name, phone number and will be asked if the hotline is allowed to identify themselves if they need to call the student in the future. While anything a student says in the conversation is confidential, under Oregon law, ORS 419B. 005, the counselor is a mandated reporter and will report any mentions of self-harm, harming others, and child or elder abuse.

The wait time to be heard by a wellness counselor on the hotline is no more than 90 seconds, according to a hotline operator who wishes to remain anonymous. The hotline does aid in connecting students with a therapist in the community, but the process can take one to two weeks before the student sees an outpatient therapist.

Students can access the 24/7 Trail to Wellness hotline by calling 833-434-1217 and providing their student id number. Illias Corbin / The Mainstream
Casey Kohl, the new wellness counselor, shares his Trails to Wellness program. Mason Ramirez / The Mainstream

“Trail to Wellness is contracted to provide up to six sessions for students. However, this is a new program and details are still being worked out,” Kohl said. “The line will provide me with call summaries, and the purpose for that is to help improve and develop services on campus. These will be anonymous unless the student gives permission.”

Students can schedule appointments to see Kohl through AdvisorTrac found in the self service area of the school website. Select “Wellness Counseling” as the option for an appointment. Students will then be shown a list of time slots Kohl is available for — each an hour long — as far ahead as a month.

Once students make appointments, they will need to go to the counseling office located in the hallway directly to the right of the automatic door entrance of the Laverne Murphy Student Center.

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