Far Cry 5, the latest installment from Ubisoft, is an action-packed first person shooter (FPS), setting in the mountains of (fictional) Hope County, Montana.

Your character, a Junior Deputy Sheriff, is pitted against a “religious” group led by Joseph Seed, who in reality, are a dangerously armed cult that happens to believe in a god of some sort.

Throughout the game, players will fight the cult with the help of several different resistance groups (formed by people who understand the fact that cults are bad).

My favorite aspect of the game is the ability to choose who you fight, how you fight and when you want to fight. Players are able to play the game however they want to play. If you want to take it safe, you can be silent with suppressed weapons and arrows. If you want to run in, guns blazing, with little to no regard on the outcome of the situation, you can!

Details also make the game great. When it first came out, my friend and I found ourselves playing until five in the morning, just looking for different activities besides the main story missions. I think it was at three a.m. I was fishing, attempting to beat each region’s state fishing record. At four, I was stunt driving a muscle car. And yes this game is a shooter.

Far Cry 5 also has nine different companions that are unlockable throughout the game that help in combat and other tense situations. For example, players can unlock a dog named Boomer that will fight enemies, revive the player and occasionally fetch helpful items throughout the game.

The amount of gameplay in Far Cry 5 is insane. There is a total of 137 missions (including main and side missions). Dan Hay, a Ubisoft executive producer, said in a Gamespot interview, “a good player will go through it in 25 hours.”

Far Cry 5 does still have co-op play, but only the host player will earn progression progress. However, both players will still earn xp and money towards unlockable items. I recommend having a microphone headset for your console when playing co-op so you can communicate with your teammate.

The game has also added live events. Players are able to complete challenges and unlock different rewards.

I really like this game. Since the Fortnite review I recently wrote, I can honestly say the only two games I have been playing continually are Far Cry 5 and Fortnite. I like to play Fortnite with my friends, but if no one is online, I like having a back up game. With that said, Far Cry 5 is not a back up. It is its own amazing game.

If you like a fast-paced, customizable shooter, I recommend trying Far Cry 5.