New food supplier provides vegan options

The quality, creativity, and flavor of menus prepared in food trucks is driving consumers to these innovative food services, and now that option is readily available on campus.
In collaboration with the local food truck, Wrappin and Rollin, the UCC Bookstore now sells readily available 100% plant-based meals to go.
Wrappin and Rollin is a plant-based mobile food truck food service owned by Darci Hawkins and her husband. Darci’s daughter Hannah Hawkins was a former RiverHawk basketball player and a former editor of The Mainstream. Wrappin and Rollin has been operating in Roseburg since 2016, where they began as a pop up at the Umpqua Valley Farmers Market and Two Shy Brewery. Wrappin and Rollin began sales at the UCC bookstore this past March.

At the UCC Bookstore, Wrappin and Rollin currently offer three plant-based sides: pesto pasta, Asian rice noodle salad and curry quinoa salad. They also offer fresh spring rolls, and four types of wraps: buffalo style, bbq, teriyaki and yum style. They also sell chili and butternut squash curry.
A large portion of the produce used at Wrappin and Rollin is sourced locally from farmers and organic stores. Lehne Farms, located off NW Garden Valley Blvd., is one of their primary produce sources.
What does it mean to be 100% plant-based? “Our definition of plant-based is using products that contain zero animal byproducts whatsoever. No meat of any kind including fish. No dairy (cheese), eggs or honey. We make our own cheese sauces out of cashews and almond meal. We primarily use black beans, TVP (textured vegetable protein) and non-GMO tofu for meat substitutes. Sometimes we use tempeh and seitan (wheat meat). We also have extensive gluten-free options,” Hawkins said.
Hawkins has enthusiastic opinions of the benefits of a plant-based diet. “Everyday at our food truck, we hear testimony after testimony of people healing their bodies through the plant based whole foods diet, anywhere from beating cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, weight loss, skin problems, asthma, going off all their medications and just overall joy in their life again. Knowing that they are in charge of a large portion of their health through their diet, they can beat the odds by incorporating whole foods for health reasons is inspiring and exciting.”
For Hawkins, the food truck business is more than just a business. Each meal from Wrappin and Rollin is created with the intention and purpose behind it. Hawkins adds, “We love doing what we do, and we have purpose and intention behind it. Wrappin and Rollin is a major contributor to the accessibility of healthier options in the community and now at UCC campus.”
People can use their EBT card for purchases at the college bookstore and cold purchases from the farmers market.
The Wrappin and Rollin’s standard food truck hours at Cass Ave., Roseburg, are Monday through Friday open 11-3 p.m., (with an occasional Saturday at the farmers market or local event). Wrappin and Rollin also sells its food products at two local coffee shops: My Coffee on Garden Valley Blvd. and Gathering Grounds on Oak and Main.
For more information on Wrappin and Rollin, follow their Facebook page, “Wrappin and Rollin.”