UCC library continues to provide updated services, including requested laptops

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UCC students now have access to laptops that they are allowed to checkout
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UCC library continues to provide updated services, including requested laptops

To make learning and accessing school work easier, laptops are available for full time students to use in the UCC library or for check out. With these laptops, students can access the UCC computer lab from home using the college’s new resource, the VDI. 

Library Laptop Checkout Policy is important for students to understand when checking out a laptop from the library
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Although these laptops are available for a full term, they must be returned back to the school’s library at the end of each term. If a student wishes to use a laptop over the course of multiple terms, they must return it at the end of each term and recheck it out at the start of the next term.

Students should expect to be responsible with the laptops that the school is loaning to them. “They will be fined for the replacement cost. If they return it, this fine will be removed,” says Jennifer Lantrip, interim library coordinator. Even if students return the laptop, if it is after the due date “they may have a $5 processing fee,” Lantrip says. 

Stolen laptops will not be treated any differently than any other types of unpaid funds, Lantrip says. “Library fines are sent to Student Accounts after a certain period of time.”

After a certain period of time, these fines will prevent students from registering. 

Even though the laptop does belong to UCC, students are responsible for the damage they may cause in their care. Students should take care to read the UCC Library Laptop Checkout Policy Agreement before checkout.

Upon checking out, students will also be directed to a set of instructions that should guide students through the process of using the laptop.

In order for these laptops to work for each student’s needs, the laptops will utilize UCC’s VDI. Director of Information Technology Tim Hill has explained just exactly what the VDI is and how it will be useful to students and staff at UCC.

Because the laptops use VDI, students must save their work either to a hard drive, a drive (such as Google) or email it to themselves.  

The VDI software is not always easy to download and use, so currently any students experiencing trouble can call the IT helpdesk.

Students that use the laptops from the library will need to learn how to use VDI system
Photo provided by Tim Hill

The library offers more than laptops for student convenience. Using UCC’s library’s website, students can also check out textbooks and calculators. Select the “Textbooks, Laptops, Calculators” box to begin the checkout process.

Once on the “Textbooks, Laptops and Calculators” box, on the left hand side of the webpage is a list of different classes. Click on the preferred class to view what textbooks are on reserve. Along with the list of textbooks, graphing and financial calculators are available.

Textbooks can be checked out for three days at a time, while laptops and calculators can be checked out for an entire term. Students must return these the last Friday of the term. 

Even though textbooks are typically a three day loan, Early Childhood Education textbooks can also be checked out for the term; these are also required to be returned by the last Friday of the term.

All items belonging to the library should be returned on time in good condition. Students shouldn’t expect to use malarkey to talk their way out of fines.

For any updates, students can visit the library website.

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