Spring encourages the desire to break out our colorful clothes; however, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new wardrobe. The clothes that you already love may just need a little spicing up. A pair of scissors and 30 minutes can upcycle drab or old clothes into something unique. This tutorial will explain how to upcycle an ordinary t-shirt into a work of wearable art.

Difficulty: Easy
Supplies: Favorite T-shirt (any cotton or synthetic blend jersey knit t-shirt), Fabric Pen, Pencil or Chalk, Ruler, Scissors


Step 1
Step One
Step 2
Step Two





Step 3
Step Three
Step 4
Step Four




1. Fold the t-shirt in half from side to side so that the arms come together and the front of the t-shirt is now sandwiched inside. Do not turn shirt inside out. See first photo.

2. Lay t-shirt flat on a hard surface and mark where you want to add slits. Mark each vertical slit line on the t-shirt about one to two inches apart depending on the effect you want. The lines will end up on half of the back of the shirt. See second photo.

3. Without turning the shirt inside out, unfold and then re-fold so that the side seams meet together and the front of the shirt is no longer sandwiched inside. Lay shirt on a flat surface again. See photo.

4. Cut on the marks that you previously made.

5. Now all that you have to do is buy a couple colorful tank tops to wear along with your fabulous up-cycled t-shirt.

Note: This shirt could also be made with horizontal slits.