Umpqua Community College’s Administration is presenting a revised fee proposal in lieu of the previously proposed flat $100 fee for labs, lab/lectures, practicums and clinicals that was reported in the last Mainstream issue.
The new proposal, set to go before the Board of Education tomorrow at the monthly board meeting, has two options offered for consideration. The Board is likely to vote on both options tomorrow, May 9, 2018 at the 4:30 meeting in HNSC room 100. The meeting is open to the public, but anyone wishing to speak must sign a speaking sheet prior to the meeting.

Chart created by Charles Crosier/The Mainsteam with numbers provided by UCC President Thatcher’s office.

The first option will assess a $50 fee for lab courses and a $25 fee for lab/lecture courses. The fees will be paid only by the students taking the classes. It will affect such courses as EMS, Welding, Surveying, Automotive, CIS, Engineering, Paralegal, Viticulture and Nursing as well as AAOT and Dental Assisting. The overall rise in costs for these programs will range from $175 to $850 for the entire program. The graphic to the left shows a break down of how the fees could impact each course and program and gives the average cost per year and per term for a fulltime student. The increase in fees is attributed to the higher cost it takes the college to deliver these courses. The funds from the fees will go into the Instruction category of the General Fund.

Chart created by Charles Crosier/The Mainsteam with numbers provided by UCC President Thatcher’s office.


The second option (graphic 2) on the table will assess a $3 per credit instructional fee. This fee is in addition to the combined $5 per credit rise in tuition and student fees. For a 12 credit student, the $3 increase will add an addition $36 per term or $108 for the academic year.

Debra Thatcher, UCC’s president, explained in an email that the increases in financial aid should help cover the costs of more technical courses. According to the numbers Thatcher received from UCC’s financial aid office, ”The Pell grant last year was $5,920 and this year is $6,095 (additional Pell funds are also available in the summer), Oregon Opportunity Grant (OOG) last year was $2,250 and this year is $2,600, and the Oregon Promise program was able to take off the expected family contribution cap, meaning more will be eligible for the grant.”

Students, staff, faculty and the public will have two opportunities to voice their questions and concerns about the new fee options and proposed budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year tomorrow, May 9 at the Board of Education meeting. Two sign up sheets will be available for those wanting to speak: one for the budget hearing and the other for the board meeting. Anyone who wants to speak will need to sign up on the correct sheet before the budget hearing starts at 4:30 p.m. The board meeting will follow directly after the conclusion on the budget hearing.

According to the budget meeting agenda, this is an opportunity to talk about the proposed budget document for fiscal year 2018-2019: “The Board values inputs from citizens of the Umpqua Community College District. Citizens wishing to speak shall sign-in on the Public Comment sheet prior to the start of the meeting. At the time specified on the agenda, the citizen shall state their name, address, and city of residence. Comments will be limited to three minutes. The Board may not respond directly to any issues raised.”

The second opportunity is at the Board meeting also at 4:30 p.m., during the “citizens comments” part of the agenda. The sign up follows the same protocol as the budget meeting. Both meetings will be held in the Bonnie J Ford Health, Nursing and Science (HNSC) building in room 100.

A special campus forum on the budget, tuition, fees, and what the school’s short and long term goals are is scheduled for Thursday, May 10 at 4 p.m. in HNSC 100. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to attend.