Free money. College students will surely be interested now. Students are applying for scholarships all year long. The OSAC Scholarship just closed this past Thursday, March 1st. There are several other scholarships that are still open and should be taken advantage of.

Most scholarships have an essay portion of sorts. They also may have a volunteer chart that needs to be filled out. These volunteer charts are a good indicator of how involved the applicant is in their communities and what their interests are. Finding places or groups to volunteer with isn’t always easy, but researching and having the right resources can lead one to a volunteering opportunity in Roseburg and the surrounding areas.

While it may be late for some scholarships and applications, it is never to early to start preparing for next school year.
If seeing a dog or a cat on the street makes the heart flutter and tears of joy stream down the face then Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center is a suitable fit for the animal lovers of Douglas County. A volunteer application has to be filled out prior to getting the hours. They are asked to be able to commit at least one day a week for three months. There are many opportunities within the center.

Fostering an animal for a few weeks or even a few days is very helpful. Saving Grace’s website states that “Foster care is a vital part of the shelter’s ability to care for animals who need just a bit more time or special attention before they are ready to go to a new home.” Opening a home and helping animals in need of care is one way to help the shelter. There is a separate page on the website for information on fostering an animal.

Kennel and Cattery Caretakers help care for the animals basic everyday needs. Volunteers will help with feeding, cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, and passing out treats and toys. Caretaker shifts are scheduled from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm daily.
Adoption Hosts showcase and provide care for animals so that they have the opportunity to get noticed by a potential family. Hosts will “greet visitors, answer basic questions about animals, show animals to potential adopters,” and “care for animals’ needs such as refilling food and water dishes, washing soiled dishes and spot cleaning.” This position is available daily from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Dog Walking is an opportunity for volunteers to take the dogs out for a walk around the property. This is also a great time to teach the dogs manners and life skills like polite leash walking. The walking keeps the dogs happy and healthy. It will also keep the volunteer moving throughout the day. That’s a definite win-win situation.

Photographers are needed to take pictures of the adoptable animals to be put on the Saving Grace website. This is a great opportunity to develop photography skills or build on already existing talent.

Off-Site Adoption Event Volunteers help with adoption events held at various locations. This includes “picking animals up from the shelter and taking them to the location, holding or walking the animals while introducing them to potential adopters, and bringing the animals back to the shelter at the end of the event.”

This includes “picking animals up from the shelter and taking them to the location, holding or walking the animals while introducing them to potential adopters, and bringing the animals back to the shelter at the end of the event.” These hours vary depending on when the event is.

Maintenance/grounds volunteers help with anything that needs to be done. Gardening, minor repairs, painting, cleaning and other maintenance work is always needed somewhere around the center, according to the facility.

Saving Grace provides an email set up for questions about volunteering at

Casa De Belen helps keep homeless teens and their families safe. They help them find a home and feed them, and they provide opportunities to improve lives. Their 27,000 square foot facility has 40 resident rooms that can house approximately 60 people at a time. In addition to the housing, they also offer other programs including education assistance, employment support, sobriety support and life enrichment workshops, classes and opportunities.

Volunteers serve as respectable role models for the youth and help them learn new skills, make friends and become interested in new things. There are several volunteer positions, and if none of them sound appealing, Casa De Belen says to email them your interest and why you want to get involved and they will find some volunteering options that will be satisfying. To discuss volunteer options, contact Kaytee Meagher at 541-677-0073 or

The Boys and Girls Club of Umpqua Valley looks for anyone that can spare a few hours to make a difference in a child’s life. There is an application on their website that can be printed out and taken to the office. They will be conducting a criminal background check with the submission. There is also a volunteer interest form that is available to also take to the office. For more information visit or the office Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

There are so many volunteer opportunities that can be taken advantage of. There are websites that help find volunteer work specific to the surrounding area. is one that shows 27 organizations that are searching for help. It is also as easy as typing “volunteer work in Douglas County, Oregon” into the Google search bar and researching the places that come up.

Volunteer work is not only helpful in getting scholarships, but also being involved in the community can help volunteers get a better understanding of the place where they live.