The women’s home wrestling meet Jan. 18 against South Western Oregon Community College showed team improvement with the RiverHawks winning seven matches out of 10.

“Our team did great — the score rocketed to 7 – 6,” Coach Asia DeWeese said.

“Our team has done pretty well for the most part,” Melissa Jacobs added.

To prepare for the match the team had been practicing double knockdowns, the sleeper hold and the face lock.

Jacobs has been wrestling since seventh grade. “Wrestling mentally, physically keeps me going. Also, it pushes me to not want to give up. We are trained very hard,” Jacobs said. “Wrestling can be a lot of hard work.”

The RiverHawks kept up throughout their matches with the South Western Oregon Community College; often holds were intense and long. “Our team has done pretty well for the most part,” Jacobs said.

The third match showed Maria Annis obviously struggling against UCC’s wrestler Brittany Garnica. UCC’s athlete had her opponent in a long hold. Although Maria Annis put up a long fight, she went down and finally gave up.  

UCC’s will begin preparing for nationals this week. Nationals are held on Feb. 8 and 9 located in Georgia.  In the meantime, Jacobs says, “The coach brings out the best in our training, getting us prepared for the nationals.”