Going to the movies is sometimes a treat, for some of us it is a once a month treat; while some of us go all the time. However, often it does not give other moviegoers an excuse to do the following movie fouls.

  1. Peeing in a cup. Avengers: Endgame just came out. I know there are some die hard fans that don’t want to leave to go to the bathroom, but please for the love of God just go use the bathroom. If you’re a die hard fan, you’ll probably go see it again anyways.
  2. Bringing children to horror movies. If it’s PG 13 I get it, but don’t bring your child to an R rated movie unless you want a third party in your bed for the next few weeks. Not only is it going to be annoying for you, but no one likes to hear little babies screaming when a door slams shut by a ghost. This can make anyone see red.
  3. Setting drinks on the floor. There is literally a cup holder on either side of the seats, and you choose to put it on the floor…?
  4. Kicking the seat in front of you. NEWS FLASH! I came here to see a movie, not to get a horrible free massage. Thank you, next.
  5. Getting popcorn after the movie starts. Getting up during the movie to get popcorn is super distracting, and if its during the previews, then you will feel my wrath.
  6. Talking during the previews. 90% of me came for the previews while the other 10% is here for the movie. Please don’t talk during the previews.
  7. It’s a Marvel movie…please stay seated till the end of the credits. Yes, for those who don’t know, Marvel movies have end-credit scenes that people very much enjoy without the presence of others walking past the screen.
  8. Be PG in public. Most people, including you paid roughly $9 to see the movie so enjoy it. There’s always a free pass to the bedroom.
    A theater is a public place and should be treated respectfully and with respect to other moviegoers who also just want to have fun.