What are you doing after UCC?

Garrison Leif: I’m going to pursue a life to become a therapist and and am going to achieve my bachelor’s in psychology and then a masters in Portland State.
Colleen Jackson: After I graduate I’m actually going to apply for the degree partnership through always OSU and stay at UCC for one more year. After that, I plan to go to OSU to major in chemistry and going to a Pharmacy program.
Alec Hillman: I’m heading to Old College in Alberta, Canada on an athletic scholarship to play basketball.

Alec Hillman

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Leif: In five years I see myself still in school pursuing my master’s degree.
Jackson: In five years I see myself still in school.
Hillman: In five years, I hope to have travel the world a little bit, having a master’s degree, and living back in Australia.

What are you going to miss most about UCC?

Leif: I’ll miss the closeness of the school and how easy it is to get to know everyone.
Jackson: I’m going to miss the staff the most. They’re super nice helpful and caring.
Hillman: I’ll probably miss the beautiful campus as it’s one of a kind weather.

Colleen Jackson

What would you do differently?

Leif: If I could do it differently I wouldn’t it was great.
Jackson: If I could have done anything differently, I would have gone to study groups more often throughout the terms. They helped a lot.
Hillman: In terms of doing something differently, I probably would have had better time management my freshman year.

Is there any advice you would give to other students?

Garrison Leif

Leif: UCC is great school filled with opportunity as a long as you desire to be successful.
Jackson: My advice to other students is to take advantage of the school resources like the library tutors and Success Center as well as going to your professors for help.
Hillman: The advice I’d give to students either current or future would be to cherish every moment, and work hard as it will make the finish so much more worth it knowing you put in the hard yards. Enjoy every moment, smile and make the most of everything.