Registered voters in the Winston Dillard school district voted yes on a General Obligation Bond Levy on May 21, 2019, to provide $16 million dollars toward replacing two buildings and renovating two others at Douglas High School.

The state of Oregon will contribute an additional $4 million grant to the WD school district, bringing total funds to renovate the high school to $20 million dollars.

The school has educated more than three generations of Douglas County residents, and has suffered damages. Leaking classroom roofs, snow-collapsed cafeterias, inadequate heating and electrical, and outdated gymnasium and locker rooms.

Estimated tax rate after the bond passage is $1.39/$1,000 assessed value for 20 years. The average rate for the Brockway Bond Levy was $1.50/$1,000 assessed value, according to the Winston Dillard School District’s website.

This illustration depicts future building plans for Douglas High School, proposed by Soderstrom Architects

The proposed project will begin in 2020, after the Brockway bond expires. The funds are focused on making Douglas High School safer, more secure, and energy efficient.

It was approved with 69 percent of voters saying yes to 31 percent that said no. 

For more information on the WDSD GO Bond #10-69 visit the WDSP webpage.