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Northwest Native Voices lectures
The Northwest Native Voices series are on Thursdays at 1 p.m. in Jacoby Lobby. See the Full Schedule


Student Survey

May 14, 2014 | What do you think UCC's Policy should be on E-Cigarettes?

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The Mainstream is a designated student forum written to promote the activities, events, and interests of UCC. Its primary focus is on hard news relating to campus events or personnel, especially as students are affected, but features, art work and poetry may be accepted. Any opinions or art presented in The Mainstream do not represent the viewpoint of this newspaper or UCC.

Campus News

Skills USA students dominate competition

Students from UCC’s automotive service technology, welding, commercial baking, technical math and technical drafting departments recently competed in the SkillsUSA Oregon competition. UCC did well in each of the events. Full Story


Staff working on accreditation process

Students aren’t the only ones with homework at UCC. While pupils here at UCC are writing papers and factoring polynomial equations, a handful of faculty members are prepping for a test of major importance that takes place next year: the accreditation of Umpqua Community College. Full Story


E-cigarettes & UCC smoking policy reform

The College Council will be updating the campus smoking policy to include e-cigarettes. Inconsistencies within the tobacco free campus administrative procedure and UCC’s smoke- free campus board policies will be addressed as well. Full Story


7 Questions For 7 Candidates

With the May 20 and 21 ASUCC elections right around the corner, we sat down with seven student candidates in hopes to get to know them a bit. Full Story


College to link tuition increases to U.S. consumer price index

Tuition increases may become more predictable as financial experts on campus decide on a new way to calculate costs per credit. UCC plans to approve a new policy for determining tuition increases by linking a consumer price index to the college’s financial needs. Full Story


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Dave Archer reaches for the stars

Standing beside a 4-foot metallic orb with a mysterious looking wand in his hand, local artist Dave Archer reminisces about his life in the art world and San Francisco beat culture as he prepares to transfer 1 million volts of electricity onto paint applied to a pane of glass. Full Story


Native voices series starts with a boom

Fish Martinez grew up with Native American dancing and music and can’t remember a time when Native music was not part of his life. Martinez shared some of his experiences Tuesday with UCC students in the first of a series of presentations by local Native Americans. Full Story


Science club examine bacteria growth

Turn a doorknob and more than just a door gets opened. Shake a hand, or pick up a book and there is an exchange of bacteria and other forms of microbial life. Science club enthusiasts have been collecting samples for several weeks from all around campus, and recently compiled the results of their research. Full Story


Website seeks to help lower travel expenses

Couchsurfing is a free accommodation website that connects travelers to a worldwide community. Through interactions such as providing housing for travelers and hosting people during community events, Couchsurfing has become a cultural phenomenon. Full Story


Campus garden to support culinary

A few dozen straw bales fill a fenced garden space, overlooking the Technology Building on the northeast side of campus. The UCC Community Garden is transitioning from a deserted wasteland to a productive garden due to the efforts of the Environmental Sustainability Club. Full Story


Competency-based education would give college students new options

The U.S. education system revolves around providing training and knowledge to students, one class period at a time, but an emerging alternative may one day give many students a new level of control over learning. Full Story


Til death do us part: signing out of Google Chrome

For most people using a public computer at a library, school, or friend’s house is just a part of life.¬†For many Google Chrome users, however, this practice has become a mortifying public tell-all. Full Story


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UCC Sports

Pool opening creates a splash

To some it seemed like a millennium since the Umpqua Community College’s swimming pool was operational. Well sunny days are here again. The 225,000 gallon pool was filled with water in just over 48 hours, leaving students, faculty, and community members abuzz with excitement. Full Story


Leeworthy to lead summer recreations

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Daniel Leeworthy’s life revolved around water. With summer right around the corner, and the opening of the Umpqua Community College swimming pool, Summer Recreation Director Leeworthy may be feeling right back at home again. As Summer Recreation Director Leeworthy will act as manager of the pool. Full Story


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