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Mission Statement

The Mainstream is a designated student forum written to promote the activities, events, and interests of UCC. Its primary focus is on hard news relating to campus events or personnel, especially as students are affected, but features, art work and poetry may be accepted. Any opinions or art presented in The Mainstream do not represent the viewpoint of this newspaper or UCC.

Campus News

Budget concerns arise as new biennium looms

Reports about the budget for the upcoming school year are starting to circulate with messages of both optimism and concern. The school, its staff and its programs are facing hurdles.

Recent concerns have crafted rumors of program cuts and faculty termination. As well, anxiety over whether federal issued grants will be renewed and the school’s current debt have raised eyebrows over the newly proposed budget.

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2014-15 Outstanding Student Award Recipients

Robin Quinanola                 
Adult High School Diploma

Teresa Turley                       
English as a Second Language

Lacey Whited
Learning Skills

Rebecca Foster
Supplemental Instruction

Isaac Brickner

Christian Rodriguez
First Year Automotive

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Letters to the Editor

As part of our BA223 marketing course we were required to select a product, or service and promote it to the class in a five minute presentation. We wanted to choose something that was fun for us to do, and dynamically stimulating so that it would draw the rest of the class into our world. The world of skydiving!

We contacted Urban Moore at Eugene Skydivers and asked if we could come to Creswell to shoot our video, and make a couple of skydives.  He agreed and at 9am on Sunday, May 17, 2015 our team of six arrived at the drop zone to make our jumps. Urban gave us our training, and then we had to wait until 11am for the clouds to clear before we could suit up and make the flight up to altitude. Aysha and Georgie were on the first load, they were both surprising calm, especially since this was Aysha’s first skydive. Georgie has jumped several times before, so she would be shooting our still pictures and video.


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What to do when the earth starts rumbling

Imagine driving across the Winchester Bridge, thinking about class, hoping you did the right homework and all of a sudden the bridge starts to rock, sway and shake. None of us expect a natural disaster, and few of us prepare for it. The signs of a serious, potentially dangerous earthquake, however, are everywhere.

Earthquakes are appearing all over the Northwest in sites with dormant volcanoes. On May 28, a swarm of earthquakes developed near a dormant butte, “Cerro Prieto,” near San Diego.  A 4.2 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Bandon reportedly shook the entire U.S. West Coast on May 22. A 4.8 magnitude earthquake on May 23 then hit Nevada near Las Vegas. On May 26, a 4.3 earthquake was felt near Ferndale, California as well as a 3.0 near Hamilton City, California.  Undersea volcanic activity 300 miles off the coast of Oregon west of Cannon Beach is also concerning scientists.  Along the Axial Seamount, a fresh fissure has formed, producing new undersea lava flows and seismic activity, according to earthquake authorities. 

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Making a moment a memory

Over 350 students will graduate this spring in the ceremony set for 6 p.m., June 12, at the Swanson Amphitheater.

Four student leaders shared some UCC memories and advice. Jennifer Abel is a peer tutor who is majoring in sociology. KC Perley is the PTK chapter president, a Leader of Promise and UCC Outstanding Student in Calculus. Ellis Poole was a former ASUCC Vice President. Scoot Nicholson was an All Oregon Academic Team winner and is a peer tutor for Anatomy and Physiology.

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