Editor’s Note: This story is written in first person as the author’s experiences are important to share.    My life changed forever the night I almost died. “911, What is your emergency?” “It’s my wife. Her dog woke me up. Her blood sugar is 13. Come quick; nothing is helping. SheContinue Reading

Imagine if student loan forgiveness gave those with $50,000 or less in student loan debt a free pass, allowing them to avoid having to pay it back. Since adding student loan forgiveness to the U.S.’s already high national debt would cost nearly $1 trillion, the forgiveness program is still pending.Continue Reading

It’s not the cleaning fairies who pick up the scraps of trash on campus after hours, it’s the often forgotten-about custodial staff. Custodial Supervisor Rosario Fauver and seven staff members are in charge of cleaning all of campus and four other buildings off campus. The staff works Monday through Friday,Continue Reading

Local agencies are beginning efforts to provide seasonal resources to those in need as the nights grow long, temperatures drop, leaves crisp to brilliant vermillion and the holidays approach. At the front of these efforts at UCC are the free Thanksgiving meal basket centerpieces of the ASUCC Leadership Team’s holidayContinue Reading