ASUCC wants to help bring light to students through the good and bad times of college. Larisa Czernowski, ASUCC president, says, “Our goal is little changes. It doesn’t always have to be something overarching and huge. I think it starts with little changes.” ASUCC mission and plans for campus A mission ASUCC has is creating more campus spaces that feelContinue Reading

It’s not the cleaning fairies who pick up the scraps of trash on campus after hours, it’s the often forgotten-about custodial staff. Custodial Supervisor Rosario Fauver and seven staff members are in charge of cleaning all of campus and four other buildings off campus. The staff works Monday through Friday,Continue Reading

A new space in Tapoyta Hall has been fascinating students and faculty who have been peering in, trying to figure out the odd equipment inside. The room, classroom 18, now is called the Innovation Hub. What is an Innovation Hub? It’s a place where STEM students can dream with theirContinue Reading

Culture is hard to define. The library exhibit from Nov. 1 through Nov. 9 argues that language is the primary and deepest root of culture.  Nicholas Tratz, UCC Spanish associate professor, was the UCC representative who helped bring the Endangered Alphabet Exhibit. Dana Pertermann, a professor at Southwest Community College,Continue Reading

Yelling and cheering come from behind the UCC cafeteria room doors where students battle with warriors using weapons that perform unworldly abilities.  This is the Esports room where UCC Esports players go to practice and participate in tournaments. In a corner of the room, two players choose a character fromContinue Reading

Stress, conflicts, headaches, obstacles, overloads and long nights. “S.C.H.O.O.L.” (get it?). Many students may feel the difficulty of their first year in college, even for those who have just graduated from high school. Where can students find someone who can help with FASFA or that one math problem that seemsContinue Reading