Student exchange programs enable students a unique experience of studying abroad, it can seem thrilling and a bit scary, however, whether you are American going to a foreign country, or a foreigner, coming to America, you will experience a completely new and unique way of life. Although experiences overseas canContinue Reading

That time of the year has come yet again, FAFSA time. Many students struggle with getting it done because it’s time-consuming, taxing (literally) and ongoing. However, it is also the vital reason most students can go to college. “FAFSA allows the college to see where students can get federal fundsContinue Reading

Outstanding Student Award recipient and engineering transfer student, Hector Cardenas, does not relish the spotlight. When he was nominated for an outstanding student achievement award, some aggressive cajoling was involved to convince this remote student to drive from his present home in Portland to attend the 2022 student achievement ceremony atContinue Reading

A singular exceptional student is chosen every year for the Harry Jacoby award at UCC.  Named after former UCC President Jacoby, who was president from 1964-1975, this award is given to an exceptional student who excels beyond academics. The award is chosen by a faculty led committee made up ofContinue Reading

Basic study skills such as improving focus, avoiding cram sessions, and structuring study time are part of developing successful study habits. But basic study skills can only carry students so far, especially in college.   Many useful tips and tricks can be found in information surrounding the psychology of learning. One set of factorsContinue Reading

Education is an investment widely considered to be safer than any purchase of a car or home, yet this reliable investment is still difficult for the average student to make on their own. According to the Education Data Initiative at, 42 million people in the U.S. have over $30,000 inContinue Reading